6 ways to prevent boredom over winter break


As the fall semester comes to a close, the amount
of free time available to students becomes limited as well. Once the last day
of finals – Dec. 14 – is over, however, students will have more
than a month off from school until the spring semester starts on Jan. 22, 2013.

How can
students fill all that free time without blowing their money and maybe even save some cash for spring? Here are a
few cost-efficient ways of keeping yourself entertained during the holiday

1. Netflix

Netflix is probably the most obvious and
popular entertainment source for a very reasonable price. Even better for
those needing only a month’s worth of entertainment is that Netflix is free for
the first month to new subscribers, and canceling before you get
charged is easy. 

The streaming-only plan, $7.99 after the first
month, allows subscribers to access thousands of movies, TV shows and
documentaries. Netflix caters to nearly every type of audience. 

TV fanatics can start watching critically acclaimed shows such as “Breaking Bad,” “Sons of Anarchy,” or “The Walking Dead.” Popular sitcoms available on Netflix
include “The Office,” “Blue Mountain State,” “Parks and Recreation,” “How I Met Your Mother” and more. New movies and shows are being added regularly to
Netflix’s streaming content, making the price even more of a steal.

2. Get in the gym

The holiday break is the best period for those wanting to get back into a workout routine. Getting
in the gym is even cheaper for those staying in Manhattan, as Peters Recreation Complex, which is free to students, stays open during the break
except for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. 

Avoiding busy hours at the Rec
during the break isn’t an issue, since many students don’t
stay in Manhattan during that time. For students living outside of Manhattan
during break, however, the gym can still be an option. A lot of chain gym
companies, like Max Fitness, offer free 10-day passes. Smaller towns that may not have the luxury of chain gyms
usually still have a town rec facility that offers reasonable monthly

3. Pick up a book

Always too busy during school
to dive into a novel? There are no excuses during holiday break. Books are cheap,
especially if you have a Nook, Kindle, iPad or any other tablet. Even if you
don’t, local libraries offer thousands of books free of charge. Not a book
person? Libraries have access to a plethora of magazines in every interest

4. Card games

Cards are an old-school form of entertainment that
still can bring a group of friends together for a good time. Whether learning how to play a new game or getting competitive in a game you have
played for years, cards offer entertainment and story-making opportunities for
all ages. Cards also go well with a cold beverage.

5. Apps

For anyone who has not played “Angry
Birds” to pass the time during a class, downloadable games on smart phones can be
one of the cheapest ways of keeping yourself entertained. Games are becoming
increasingly more interactive, as you can now play with or against friends via Wi-Fi. Popular free games include “Temple Run,” “Words With Friends,” or “SongPop.”

6. Take advantage of the Internet

The amount of
content on the Internet is essentially limitless and is constantly growing. So
take advantage of the ability to both take in and provide some of the content.
Starting a blog can be very beneficial to enhancing your writing abilities,
which is important in most professions. Reading others’ opinions, which are
everywhere on the Internet, has benefits as well in terms of debating and
discourse skills.

Corbin McGuire is a junior in journalism and mass communications. Please send comments to edge@kstatecollegian.com.