2013 fashion brings new, clean-cut looks


In our world, everything is constantly evolving and growing. A major industry that changes based on the season is the fashion industry. The fashion industry has always dictated to people what they should be wearing and what the latest trends are. According to various fashion outlets like Glamour and Style magazines, there are some major shifts that the fashion world is emphasizing for the 2013 spring season.

According to Glamour, black and white will be a major trend for 2013. Even though spring typically brings out florals or pastels, the rigidity of black and white and the extreme contrast between them allow this trend to return. Black and white are two classic colors that can be worn all year round. They are professional enough to be worn to work, and casual enough for a night out in Aggieville or a date night with a significant other.

“Black and white is for sure a trend coming up, as well as clean lines and geometric prints,” said Harriet Reymond, sophomore in apparel design.

As echoed by Reymond, clean lines and geometric prints are common in trends coming from Paris, Milan, London and New York City for the new year. According to Harper’s Bazaar magazine, clean lines can be seen in the accentuation of stripes for spring 2013. Geometric prints can be seen in Harper’s Bazaar under such categories as “Eastern Promises,” “Graphic Content” and “Petal Pushers.” Geometric prints are coming back in full force for 2013, all with their own personal accents and global influences.

Women dressing to show their power and influence is also anticipated to be a common fashion trend for spring 2013. Style magazine dubbed spring 2013 the season for the alpha female, and the female power suit will likely be a common occurrence. Whether it is a solid black power suit or one with pinstripes, the power suit will be everywhere this season.

While some old trends are returning for the spring 2013 fashion season, there are a few trends that should remain in 2012. Reymond said printed pants are unflattering on almost every body type. While this is just one person’s opinion, 2013 could still be the year to reinvent yourself, fashion-wise.

One of the most common, and powerful, messages coming from the fashion industry is to love yourself, no matter your style, no matter your body type. Even though this may seem a hypocritical message, there has been a revolution of famous people refusing to listen to the messages coming from different outlets that say they should be prettier or thinner.

So, whether it’s black and white, the female power suit, geometric prints or clean lines, be on the lookout for the spring 2013 trends. The new year can also be a year of loving yourself more than you did last year. This can be the year of change for you.

Jakki Thompson is a sophomore in journalism and mass communications, women’s studies and American ethnic studies. Please send comments to edge@kstatecollegian.com.