K-State Proud fattens Student Opportunity Fund with pancake feed


The K-State Proud campaign kicked off another semester by hosting the third annual PhilanthroProud Pancake Feed on Monday night. For a $3 donation, students had access to unlimited pancakes as well as a variety of toppings, including maple syrup, strawberries, peanut butter and whipped cream.

“The pancakes were really good,” said Katie Self, freshman in animal sciences and industry. “Chocolate syrup is the only way to go.”

Hundreds of K-State students traveled across town to FarmHouse Fraternity to get their hands on some pancakes.

“We host PhilanthroCakes as a way to allow for FarmHouse’s philanthropy to be mixed with a social function,” said Ben Harstine, junior in public health nutrition and a member of FarmHouse. “I love being part of this philanthropy because it has taught me over the course of the last couple years how to plan, prepare and feed about 700 people in three hours.”

K-State Proud is a student philanthropic campaign that provides financial assistance to students who need it. All of the group’s proceeds go directly to the Student Opportunity Award fund. The award usually goes to students that are not able to pay for tuition and rent here at K-State. They also help pay for medical supplies, medical bills, cancer treatment, food and child care.

“We usually generate a few thousand dollars of revenue from this event,” said Chris Kellenbarger, junior in business and the campaign manager for PhilanthroProud. “To put that number in perspective, it usually turns out to provide three or four student opportunity awards.”

The PhilantroProud pancake feed also does a lot for the participation of the K-State Proud campaign, according to Kellenbarger.

“Participation is crucial,” Kellenbarger said. “If we have a huge portion of the university participating in this campaign, then that shows how much people have a commitment not only to K-State Proud, but to student philanthropies as well.”

For student who want to get involved with the K-State Proud campaign, the group is holding a volunteer training event on Feb. 17 from 4-6 p.m. in the K-State Student Union Courtyard.

“K-State Proud is very unique,” Kellenbarger said. “There’s no other student campaign that has been successful like us.”

For more information on K-State Proud or to apply for a Student Opportunity Award, visit www.k-stateproud.org.