Sound-off: What does Snyder signing mean for program

Emily DeShazer | Collegian Head Coach Bill Snyder has agreed to a new five-year contract.

Any K-State fans who were worried that Bill Snyder might retire after the departures of coaches Michael Smith and Joe Bob Clements can stop worrying. On Thursday, Snyder signed a five-year, $14.75 million contract, ensuring he will be with the Wildcats through the 2017 season. Here is a look at what a couple of the editors for the Collegian think this means for the program.

Andy Rao, editor-in-chief
21-5. Otherwise known as Bill Snyder’s record as the head coach of the Wildcats in 2011 and 2012.

The legendary coach brings a discipline and winning attitude for this team that was missing for most of the last decade.

Sure, K-State has had a few relatively successful seasons without him, but thus far, Snyder has proven to be the common denominator in K-State football’s success.

What Snyder brings to this program is consistent, fundamentally sound football. What’s even better is that he does it without 5-star recruits. He brings in guys who want to play hard and play smart, and he makes them solid football players. That’s his thing.

Does this re-signing mean that much? You bet it does. For K-State and Manhattan, re-signing their hero will, without doubt, energize this fan base even more.

Now, on to the next goal: winning a bowl game.

Mark Kern, sports editor

Any time you have one of the greatest college coaches ever to coach on your sidelines, it’s definitely a huge plus. This is a big advantage for a program as it ensures this season’s recruits that, barring some unforeseeable occurrence, they won’t have to worry about having a new coach during their time as a Wildcat.

These days in college football, with many coaches seemingly ready to leave for the next job, to know your coach isn’t leaving is a huge positive. As for next year, it is a huge plus.

Some are worried for the team next season due to this year’s loss of 27 seniors. While these losses hurt, having Snyder combined with the offensive talent coming back next season, I think you are going to see the Wildcats right where they belong next year: at the top of the Big 12 standings.

Austin Nichols, news editor
K-State re-signing Bill Snyder to a five-year deal means the Wildcat uniforms are not going to change for at least another five years.

The extension also means K-State will continue to have arguably one of the best coaches in college football history with a lot of talent coming back next year, especially on the offensive side of the ball.

Bottom line for K-State: Bill Snyder is not going anywhere. Every K-State fan dreads the day that Snyder will decide to up and leave us once again. He does hold the power to retire before his contract is up, but odds are he will stick around until he is 78 years old and continue the success of the program.

This deal also takes some burden off of the fans and players worrying about when Snyder will retire, allowing the team to focus on winning.

Another positive outlook on this deal is that K-State has five more years to figure out who is going to be the next head football coach. Snyder has been a big advocate for his son, Sean Snyder, to take over in his father’s footsteps, but it is still unclear what path K-State will take.

The last time Snyder decided to leave, Ron Prince took the helm and things did not work out very well for the program. The athletic department needs to utilize these next five years wisely to find a solid replacement who can continue to have success at a program that owes everything to one man.

Andy Rao is a junior in accounting and finance, Mark Kern is a senior in print journalism and Austin Nichols is a junior in journalism and mass communications. Please send comments to