Single men don’t need to despair on day of love


Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate the love between two people. The day is full of hearts, the colors red and pink and cheesy lines about love. However, for some people, this is probably one of the worst days of the year. Why? Because these people are not in relationships. It is not Valentine’s Day to these people. For them, there is an alternative holiday called Singles Awareness Day.

To some single people, Valentine’s Day couldn’t come and go any sooner. Many hate seeing people showing affections or watching cheesy movies, because that is all that seems to happen that day.

While some women celebrate their single status by going out to dinner with gal pals or having a movie night, the holiday often leaves single guys out of the celebration loop.

“I mean, I really don’t have a strict regimen,” said Geran Wenneker, freshman in biological systems engineering. “I usually just end up hanging out with a bunch of my single friends.”

Not all students are as eager to make substitute plans.

“Unfortunately, in the past, I have just sat around wishing I was in a relationship,” said Cole Pfannenstiel, sophomore in business.

While Wenneker and Pfannenstiel don’t have traditions for Feb. 14, some single males do.

“The past three Valentine’s Days, I’ve gone out to the shooting range and blown up about 500 shells,” said Kyle Colnar, sophomore in business administration. “I think the last Valentine’s Day, I blew through $250-$300.”

While being single on Valentine’s Day can save a guy some money in the form of a fancy dinner, roses, jewelry or other traditional Valentine’s Day gifts, according to some, the downfalls of being single on the day of love can outweigh the costs.

“It’s nice to have someone to share the day with and not be alone,” said Dalton Schmidt, sophomore in kinesiology.

Luke Townsend, junior in finance and accounting, said being single on Valentine’s Day is disappointing and can lead to being given a hard time by friends.

“I would rather be in a relationship,” Townsend said, “just so you don’t have to deal with the horrible jokes people make about being single on Valentine’s Day.”

For Collin Wheeler, junior in architectural engineering, there are both positive and negative sides to being solo on Valentine’s Day.

“It depends,” Wheeler said. “On one side you could be single and not get any action; on the other, you could get some action, but be broke.”