SGA debates legislations


The Student Government Association meeting Thursday night consisted primarily of SGA business and announcements, with a handful of bills and resolutions that SGA discussed and put to a vote.

Student government members hotly debated passing a bill that would allocate funds for the K-State Navigators, a campus religious group, to travel to Colorado to rebuild a summer camp that was destroyed by a fire. The senate was divided on the issue. Some felt that SGA funds should not go toward a trip for a religious group that would not contribute anything to improvements at K-State.

Colin Reynolds, senior in communications, urged the senators to consider the work the group will be doing and the conversations that it could spark when they get back to campus. Kenna McWhirter, senior in family studies and human services, remained unconvinced.

“They would be coming back and not affecting campus,” McWhirter said.

The bill did not pass.

The SGA also voted on a bill allocating funds for the Pussycat Press, a student-run club of printmakers, to travel to a printmaking conference. The bill passed after little debate.

Another measure put forth at the meeting concerned the spending of funds collected from the on-campus sales tax. SGA called a resolution to spend the money on sidewalk improvements and new bike racks to final action and passed it.

SGA will meet again next Thursday in the Big 12 room of the K-State Student Union.