‘Love potions’ keep Valentine’s Day delicious in Aggieville, at home


On Valentine’s Day, many people may be taking a date or significant other out to a nice dinner, sitting back and watching a movie or even going to romantic locations such as Manhattan Hill, or the “Top of the World.”

For students 21 and over, the night of romance may contain alcoholic drinks, either at home or at a restaurant or bar.

The fact that the day of love falls on a Thursday this year can help students save a few dollars. As Thursday is not prime weekend time, establishments often offer deals to entice diners and drinkers into Aggieville.

“We have pretty cheap bombs on Thursdays,” said Tony Marquez, bartender at Porter’s Bar. “Maybe I’ll make some ‘sweetheart’ bombs on Valentine’s Day.”

If you are single and looking to find your future lover by going out on Valentine’s Day, watch out, because it isn’t always easy to guess someone’s favorite drink.

“You can never really go wrong with rum and Coke,” said Alex Bever, senior in social sciences.

Lauren Barrick, senior in management has a different go-to drink.

“A guy can win my heart by buying me a fish bowl,” Barrick said.

Shelby Lueckenotto, junior in graphic design, has slightly different tastes.

“If you choose to have shots, then I would definitely go with a pineapple upside down,” Lueckenotto said.

If you choose to have some quality time with a significant other at home, Valentine’s Day-themed drinks aren’t out of reach. Websites such as thecraftyhostess.com have a variety of drinks to choose from, like a Chocolate Indulgence Martini or a Red Velvet Cookie Cocktail.

However, more traditional options might hold more appeal to some.

We love sharing red wine, cabernet sauvignon to be more specific,” said Tanner Rohrer, senior in psychology.

Kerry McDonnell, junior in open option, has a simple favorite when it comes to alcoholic beverages.

“Whiskey coke seems to be our drink,” McDonnell said.

Jeff Rixey, junior in business, follows in suit, although with beer instead of whiskey.

“We both can sit down and kill a case together,” Rixey said.

As always, drinking responsibly and refraining from drunk driving is key when going out on the town.