Alpha Chi Omega flash mob raises domestic violence awareness


The women of Alpha Chi Omega sorority gathered in front of Varney’s Book Store in Aggieville on Thursday afternoon, dancing to music and waving signs in an effort to raise awareness of domestic violence.

“Domestic violence isn’t something that’s really talked about,” said Hallie Wolf, sophomore in open option and vice president of philanthropy for Alpha Chi. “Violence against women isn’t as mentioned as breast cancer is.”

To help bring attention to the subject, Wolf and her Alpha Chi sisters decided spontaneously to dance in the streets of Aggieville.

“We decided that it’d be something good and fun to do,” Wolf said. “We’re just going to go out there and randomly dance.”

The flash mob, which Alpha Chi organized cooperatively with the Manhattan Crisis Center, is part of the sorority’s Healthy Relationships Week. According to Alpha Chi’s website, the goal of the week, which began on Monday and runs through today, is to “foster the development of healthy relationships and by so doing, prevent domestic violence.”

Some Alpha Chi members have past dance experience, so they didn’t have too much trouble with freestyling in public.

“I danced on a competitive team for roughly four years,” said Jennifer Palmer, member of Alpha Chi and freshman in open option.

Wolf said her sorority has organized events in the past to benefit the Crisis Center, which provides services to victims of domestic violence, including last semester’s Have A Pie With Alpha Chi.

Betsy Jacob, member of Alpha Chi and freshman in open option, said the event was a success, but wished more people had been around to watch.

“I definitely think we should do it again,” she said. “Maybe on a Friday night or something, when more people can see it.”

Wolf also said she hopes for a bigger turnout in years to come and for increased participation from other campus organizations.

“I hope next year we’ll have more time,” she said. “I hope that we can get more of the whole K-State campus involved and more of the greek houses.”