Chiefs gave up too much for Smith


The Kansas City Chiefs traded a second round draft pick away for a quarterback who found success on a very strong team. Nope, not talking about Matt Cassel anymore, but Alex Smith.

Yes, Smith was at one point the No. 1 overall pick in the NFL Draft. He also lead the San Francisco 49ers to the NFC Championship game in 2012, and was having another strong season until an injury last year. The only concern with Smith is that he is not a playmaker, but a game manager similar to what Cassel was in his last season with the New England Patriots.

When a team has a strong offensive line, a good running back, a consistent receiving core and a championship caliber defense, game managers might be all you need. Sadly, the Kansas City Chiefs do not have all of that. However, it is positive to see the Chiefs making an effort to acquire good experienced players.

I believe Alex Smith can be a starting quarterback in the NFL, but I also believe the Chiefs should have given away a third and fourth round draft pick, and then a potential third rounder in the next NFL Draft.

The Chiefs sacrificed the 34th pick in the NFL Draft this season as part of the Alex Smith trade which I believe was too much. If the Chiefs do not find a good group of offensive linemen, Smith will find himself on the ground a lot in 2013.

Either way, it seemed like Kansas City’s newest quarterback in 2013 would be someone with the last name of Smith. Instead of taking a gamble with West Virginia’s Geno Smith and drafting a quarterback in the first round, the Chiefs made the trade for a veteran.

The positives outweigh the negatives in this situation, because the quarterback was the first position that the Chiefs needed to address. Yet, I’m still a believer that Kansas City did not need to give away the No. 34 pick in order to get a 28-year-old quarterback who has only started all 16 games twice in his entire career.