Team loyalty should be based on locality, not skill

Illustration by Chris Sanford

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard people say that you should root for a team based on skill rather than location. Yet, in my mind, it makes no sense that someone in Kansas would root for the Yankees instead of the Royals, or worse, root against their local college team.

If you live in or near Manhattan, for the love of Pete, root for the Wildcats; as much as I hate the Jayhawks, if you live in or around Lawrence, root for KU. I don’t know how many people argue, “Well, KU is better at basketball, so root for them,” or “K-State is better at football, so root for them.”

There is a saying that goes, “It’s not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game.” K-State plays hard no matter what and it’s always great to see that. If your team plays hard, there is no reason to root for another team. It drives me up the wall when people are “fair-weather fans,” no matter if it’s with professional or college sports.

Another important thing is attitude. If your team does not have a good attitude or bring their best to every game, then I can understand you not rooting for them. Here in Kansas, both KU and K-State play with a lot of heart and intensity in every game and sport. Root for the team you should be rooting for no matter how bad they are.

As my father would say, “They may beat you, but they’ll never win.” What counts is having a good attitude, being a good sport and trying your best. I strongly urge fans to stick with the teams in their towns, even if the Chiefs, Royals and, God forbid, the Wildcats are not good at their respective sports.

John Forsee is a junior in journalism and mass communications. Please send comments to