Gameshow quiz event offers health education, money to students

Evert Nelson | Collegian Zach Aromberger, junior in history, stacks cups as part of a chance to win money at the “Reality Check” gameshow Tuesday in the K-State Student Union. The event was an effort to increase health, alcohol and drug education and awareness.

Lecturing about the perils of drugs and alcohol is one way to educate college students, but it wasn’t the route that was taken Tuesday night in the K-State Student Union. Students jumped, ran, stacked cups and answered questions to earn money in the “Reality Check” gameshow event hosted by the Student Health Advisory Committee.

“This was put together to raise drug and alcohol awareness, and we thought it would be a good time to have it right before spring break,” said Julie Gibbs, assistant director of Lafene Health Center. “We got some help from SGA for the funding to put it on. This is the first time we’ve done something like this.”

Students who walked into the Flint Hills room were met with four multicolored podiums, two TV screens and a sound system playing pop music to accompany the game. The students became contestants, and were given buzzers to lock in their answers when a question appeared on screen.

“We’ve had this company before, but this is a more lively event,” Gibbs said. “We have cash prizes, so that should be fun.”

The first round of competition consisted of questions from different categories, such as healthy lifestyles, weird alcohol laws and drug awareness. The multiple choice questions asked players about drug and alcohol facts, revealing statistics to the audience, including that 75 to 90 percent of college rapes involve alcohol use and one in three suicides involve alcohol.

“Those weird alcohol laws I’ll remember,” said Maia Carlson, sophomore in open option. “I learned several things, but I think I’ll remember those laws a lot more.”

After the first round, winners of each category of questions were given $20. The top two scoring competitors faced off in a showdown for the first place $50 prize. Carlson and her game partner, Felicia Efken, senior in interdisciplinary studies and humanities, ended up being the winners.

“We already split the money between us,” Efken said after the show’s end.

Efken said she received an email about the event and brought her friends out to participate with her. The event proved to be worth it for the pair, Carlson said.

“We had much more fun than we expected,” Carlson said.

The “Reality Check” gameshow event attracted about 15 people, which was lower than what Gibbs expected, but this did not deter gameshow host Orlo Estrada from laughing and interacting with the crowd.

“This was around our 30th school we’ve been to,” Estrada said. “We’ll have an audience of 50 that will just stare. Honestly, I like this crowd. It doesn’t matter if it’s a big crowd or a small one, what matters is if they match my energy.”

The energy from the students in attendance resulted in a bonus round after the normal game, where extra money was awarded. Over $150 was given out to the audience, including the show victors and the winners of several mini games.