K-State student checks in from fall trimester in Australia


Hello everyone! I know this may seem crazy to all of you, but I just began my semester of classes on March 11. At Deakin University’s Melbourne campus, we have three trimesters per year, and we just started Trimester 1, also known as Fall Trimester because the seasons are opposite here. This university also has many students who commute daily, so the classes are set up quite differently than they are at K-State.

Currently, the only days I have class are Monday and Tuesday, so I have a five-day weekend! I am taking four units this semester — that equates to 12 hours back at home. My official classes are Literature for Children and Young Adults; Australia Today; Language: Speech and Sounds; and Dance Improvisation and Body Awareness. In each of my classes, there is a one- to two-hour lecture and a two-hour tutorial. The tutorials are similar to the recitations at K-State, where there is a smaller section of the entire class to dissect the material and get greater meaning from it.

I am also taking a dance class for the first time, and it is an eye-opening experience. The Dance Improvisation class does not require you to have any previous dance training, but the majority of the class is made up of dance majors, which is slightly intimidating. In this class, you have to get over the fact that you will look weird and just move your body in the way they tell you to. It reminds me of a mixture of yoga and contemporary dance.

In most of my tutorials, we have had to introduce ourselves to the class. The second a word comes out of my mouth, the whole class turns to look at the girl with an accent. Overall, I am looking forward to my units and meeting more Australians in my classes!

Erica Hamman is a junior in biology. Please send comments to edge@kstatecollegian.com.