Springtime marks return of outdoor activities, longer days

Evert Nelson | Collegian Students work on taking down hammocks they put up to enjoy warm weather on March 8. Hammocks were seen on and around campus Thursday as K-Staters enjoyed a day of 70-degree weather.

By now, K-State students know what to do when it comes to Kansas weather: give up on predicting what is coming next. The weather might be warm and pleasant one day, produce large snowflakes the next, then return to beach temperatures once again. Mother Nature has been fooling Manhattan residents and students for many years.

Yet now, in the middle of March, the forecast is more pleasant. Students have begun packing up their winter clothes and bringing out their warmer weather gear. Spring will officially be here on March 20, and for many students, it couldn’t come soon enough.

“The winter was pretty rough,” said Taylor Stewart, senior in business management. “I’m just really ready to be doing homework and other things poolside again.”

Many K-Staters are excited for that inevitable moment when the weather becomes enjoyable. Whether it’s making a trip to Pillsbury Crossing, tanning in the sun or just tossing a baseball or football around, the possibilities for outdoor activities are endless when the weather is pleasing.

“My favorite thing to do is to get a bunch of girls together, drive around, windows down, music up, and get some Sonic happy hour,” said Whitney Pleming, junior in business management.

Students usually enjoy the spring weather by doing many of their favorite outdoor activities, but Erica Rohr, sophomore in elementary education, said she appreciates the warm weather for one reason in particular.

“It may sound bad, but I don’t like walking in the cold,” Rohr said. “So when the weather get’s warm, I’ll actually walk to class again.”

With spring break around the corner, many students hope to take advantage of the great weather to better their fitness, as well as enhance their “beach bodies.”

“I’ll be able to run around without a shirt,” Stewart said. “I’ll get fit as well as get some tan so I don’t burn up too bad on spring break.”

Many athletes also utilize the fair weather to train outdoors. Angela Hart, junior in social sciences and hurdler for the K-State track team, said she takes advantage of the warm weather to help train for upcoming meets.

“Warm weather is enjoyable weather, and I think it puts not only me but others in a good mood when we train, which in turn may cause a better practice,” Hart said. “When I’m in a good mood, I have a better practice, and I don’t think anybody likes being locked up during the winter, especially when your sport is mainly an outside sport.”

This past weekend saw daylight saving time begin as clocks were pushed an hour ahead. This will allow people to enjoy more daylight and, hopefully, save money on their electric bills. Some students realized the difference of having an extra hour of daylight in the afternoon.

“I noticed the difference on my Tuesday night class,” Pleming said. “It was still light outside when I got out of class, so that was weird.”

For some students, the change is more subtle.

“I honestly didn’t notice any differences,” Rohr said. “Yet I have been waking up earlier.”

With winter a thing of the past, most students are thankful for the nice weather, and students can soon expect to see more outdoor activities on campus and outside of their homes.