Dancer, comedian Xclusive performs interactive show for UPC After Hours

Caitlyn Massey | The Collegian Xclusive pretends to beg his girlfriend not to break up with him during his show at Salsarita's on Friday.

Union Station was filled with awed laughter as dancer and comedian Kenneth Paryo, widely known as “Xclusive,” showcased his creative dance moves and sense of humor Friday evening. The event was part of the Union Program Council’s After Hours program, which hosts substance-free events every Friday night.

Xclusive has appeared on shows such as “America’s Got Talent,” as well as “So You Think You Can Dance.” He also has opened for artists like Trey Songz. He nows spends his time dancing at college and minor league baseball games, as well as college basketball games.

“We had a booklet from the [National Association for Campus Activities] Conference, and Xclusive was in that,” said Kaitlyn Rogers, junior in management and UPC After Hours co-chair. “We contacted his agent and it turned out that he was in the area, so we thought it would be a good show.”

Xclusive displayed his robotic-style dance moves and also shared humorous stories about his childhood and his relationships on Friday night. At times, he chose to share his stories through an interpretive dance that had the crowd chuckling in their seats.

“I like to dance, I appreciated his dancing more but I did like his comedy as well,” said Mark Hay, sophomore in dance. “He had a good flow with everything.”

Hay was one of the two volunteers picked from the crowd by Xclusive to participate in a dance off, and he walked away from the contest victorious.

“It was a lot of fun actually,” Hay said. “I got to show off a bunch of moves that I learned in classes.”

Along with his comedy and his dancing, Xclusive incorporated a lot of crowd interaction within his show. One part of his act included a back-and-forth segment in which members of the audience shared their own cheesy jokes that either had the crowd giggling or scratching their heads.

At the end of his act, Xclusive included a question-and-answer portion in which he shared his history, including how he got started in the entertainment business.

“When I got to the college market, I had to do hour-long shows, and I knew I couldn’t dance for an hour, I couldn’t watch myself dance for an hour,” Xclusive said. “My agent told me to get into comedy, so that’s when I started writing and that’s how I got into the business.”