City Commission discusses contract with Midwest ATC


With the city elections heavily on their minds, the Manhattan City Commission met on Tuesday night. They passed all three measures on the agenda, including a deal that will allow the city to negotiate a contract with Midwest Air Traffic Control services.

The contract, which will serve as a short-term agreement between the two parties, is a result of the federal government’s sequestration, which cut federal funding to Midwest ATC. This agreement will allow the city to step in and fund the contract while the sequestration plays itself out.

“We’re going to take over the contract,” said commissioner Rich Jankovich, who was re-elected on Tuesday night. “Their positions were being taken away because of the sequestration. We’re trying to stabilize that between now and the end of the fiscal year for the federal government.”

The City Commission also approved measures to extend the development agreement between the city and Noble Hospitality, which will build a Holiday Inn Express on the south side of Manhattan, and a measure to accept the economic development application of Continental Mills.