Week celebrates 100 years of greek life at K-State

Jed Barker | Collegian Tim Turner, freshman in kinesiology, lunges for the line as his partner McKenzie Benoit, freshman in pre-journalism and mass communication, tries to keep him steady during the wheelbarrow leg of a relay race in the final event of the Greek Games at Old Stadium on Monday. The games were part of Greek Week 2013.

It’s that time of year again when the greek community gathers together through competition and school spirit to celebrate greek life at K-State. To commemorate K-State 150th anniversary, the annual Greek Week competition is dedicated to the 100th year that fraternities and sororities have existed at K-State.

“Greek Week is all about getting the whole community together,” said David Schall, co-chair of Greek Week and junior in electrical and industrial engineering. “We really want to support the greek community as a whole and get them known on campus.”

Greek Week is a weeklong event that includes competition, talent shows and philanthropies, as well as a Twitter war. Each sorority and fraternity is paired with other greek houses, and those teams compete to be crowned Greek Week champions at the week’s end. To celebrate K-State’s 150th birthday, the teams’ colors were based on K-State’s past and present colors, which include lavender, black, white, light and dark gray, and, of course, purple.

The week kicked off Monday with the Greek Games, a multi-event competition that each team participated in. Events included dodgeball, tug-of-war tournaments, Greek Quest (a race to complete a scavenger hunt) and a multi-event relay race.

“Greek Games was a blast,” said Will Schneider, Greek Week chair for Theta Xi fraternity and freshman in business administration. “It was also fun because of the camaraderie amongst the teams that don’t always get to interact with one another.”

The winner at the end of the games was Team Dark Grey, which consists of the FIJI, Pi Kappa Alpha, Theta Xi and Beta Sigma Psi fraternities as well as the Pi Beta Phi and Alpha Xi Delta sororities. The team ended up on top by winning first place in the tug-of-war and relay race competitions Monday afternoon.

Other events throughout the week include Greek Night at the Game, which will take place at the K-State baseball game against Wichita State tonight, and Greeks Got Talent, a Wednesday night showcase of the singing and dancing abilities of the greek chapters. Next year’s homecoming pairings will also be revealed to the public at Greeks Got Talent.

Thursday is Philanthropy Day, when chapters will spend time at the K-State Student Union informing students about their local philanthropies. On Thursday night, Noodles & Company will donate a portion of its proceeds to Greek Week’s philanthropy Dance Marathon as well as up-and-coming student organizations dedicated to raising funds for the Children’s Miracle Network.

The Fraternal Excellence Banquet will be held on Friday, when members of the local greek community will be recognized for their success in their respective houses as well as the community as a whole. The winners of Greek Week will also be announced at the banquet.

“Greek Week is all about coming out as a community and uniting,” said Jennifer Cheray, Greek Week committee advisor and graduate student in college student development. “Each chapter does a lot of things separately, so it’s really great for everybody to come out and celebrate one philanthropy and one sporting event.

While many of the competitions are participation-based, such as the greek photo, which was taken before the Greek Games, competitions such as Greeks Got Talent and the Greek Games provide an opportunity for chapters to showcase individual members and their different abilities.

“I am most excited for Greeks Got Talent,” said Sophia Hitchcock, Greek Week chair for Pi Beta Phi and sophomore in nutritional sciences. “I think it will be a lot of fun to watch the other teams’ performance.”