Letter to Editor: Clarification on speech at Take Back the Night


To the editor:

I thought the Kansas State University community might like to know what I actually said at the April 4 “Take Back the Night” rally. The article describing the event [“Take Back the Night Rally Condemns Rape” in the April 5, 2013 edition] misquoted me.

I actually spoke about the importance of seeing the problem of violence from “the vantage of the whole” — historically, globally — seeing it in terms of a class-system imperative to produce “insiders” and “outsiders” across various false divisions. I said that “violence” is better understood as “coercion,” and will only end when we end the system of global “power” called “class.”

The words attributed to me were botched quotes, the originals of which
were tangential to these main points.

Thank you for printing this clarification, and thanks to the Kansas
State University community for the opportunity to come and speak at the Rally and the weekend conference on nonviolence education.

Pamela Satterwhite, author, “Waking Up: Freeing Ourselves From Work”