Hale Library offers unique historical, educational exhibits for Open House

Caitlyn Massy | Collegian Jenny Barriga, junior in chemistry and biochemistry, studies with her friends at Hale Library on Wednesday.

As individual departments showcase their accomplishments across campus at Open House, Hale Library is looking to get into the action and display its own combination of history, education and fun. The Hale Library staff has taken advantage of the building’s large size to showcase a timeline of university history in accordance with K-State’s 150th anniversary.

Hale Library events run from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Historical tours through the library will start at 10 a.m. and 12 p.m., and Donna Schenk-Hamlin, reference specialist in undergraduate and community services, will serve as a guide.

Little-known information, such as the fact that Hale used to have glass floors and the residence halls used to have their own libraries, will be addressed and answered during the tour, said Julia Wright, undergraduate experience librarian.

“University archives were consulted throughout the entire planning of the tour and the information is historically accurate,” Wright said.

The fifth floor, which houses the library’s special collections, will host a special display called Generations of Success.

“We will have university archivists on hand to talk about special collections housed in the library and we will be highlighting digitized copies of the Royal Purple Yearbook on collaboration stations,” Wright said.

The display will show how the lives of K-State students have changed over generations.

“The exhibit will really highlight what has made K-State what it is today,” said Sydney Bowen, student events coordinator for Open House and junior in hotel and restaurant management. “There will be displays of presidents, old fraternity quills and caps that freshmen used to wear.”

Adrienne Besler, junior in elementary education and the president of the Open House core committee, is excited for the upcoming exhibit.

“I know that they are going to have an extensive archive, including St. John’s Bible,” Besler said. “I’m really impressed by the way Hale Library has taken full advantage and incorporated the 150th theme.”

The tour also provides visitors with prizes for participating.

“Tokens will be given out at each station throughout the library and once you get three tokens, come back to the prize table and get a prize,” Wright said.

On the third floor in the Great Room, there will be games for younger children.

“There will be various fun activities such as ‘Put Willies in Order’ and Atari for children to interact with,” Bowen said.

For guests looking to explore the services the library has to offer, librarians will be in the Dow Multicultural Center on the fourth floor of the library.

“Librarians will illustrate Search It, our new search tool that searches across our collections, as well as providing student success tips on how to hone collegiate-level research skills,” Wright said.

Hale will also have resources available for people interested in all academic disciplines, Wright said.

“We have representatives from our undergraduate and community services department, as well as faculty and graduate services department,” Wright said. “Librarians are experts in finding information, making us pretty fascinating people.”