International news briefs: April 25


H7N9 outbreak kills and infects Chinese citizens

A bird flu epidemic in China currently leaves 108 infected and 22 dead, according to a report by CNN Wednesday.

The new epidemic, H7N9, has been called “unusually dangerous” by World Health Organization assistant director-general for health Keiji Fukuda, and sources of infection remain a mystery. The most information gathered at this time is that the virus is transferred from poultry to humans. No human-to-human transmission is confirmed.

As of now, the virus has not been affecting all victims the same way: some afflicted with the virus immediately suffer severe medical conditions, while others are only mildy affected.

A poultry market shutdown on April 6 was reported to have slowed the virus’s spread, and efforts by WHO are currently underway to release a vaccine.

Arias murder trial to end next month

The four-month-long murder trial of Jodi Arias, who allegedly killed her secret lover in June 2008, is set to undergo jury deliberation next Friday. Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Sherry Stephens announced Wednesday that the court will cease hearing details about the case and begin deliberation May 3, according to a USA Today article published Wednesday.

The trial surrounding Jodi Arias, 32, and her alleged murder of Travis Alexander began in January. Media coverage and internet exposure gave the trial a surge of attention, starting a flurry of trial complications including death threats toward the case’s only key witness and defense attorney.

Before the prosecution and defense make closing arguments, a medical examiner will return to testify about the details of Alexander’s death, and a psychologist will then be called upon to deliver the final word about Arias’ mental stability.

Attorneys on both sides of the case are debating allowing the jury to consider second-degree murder or manslaughter as alternative charges to the initial charge of first-degree murder.

Missing college student’s body may have been recovered in river

The body of Brown University student Sunil Tripathi, who went missing March 16, may have been found in the Providence River in Providence, R.I.

A Brown University rowing coach spotted the body in the river Wednesday, according to CNN. Police say that the body may be identified as early as this morning, but spokespeople say that the body is “likely” Tripathi.

A Facebook page has been dedicated to finding Tripathi since he was first reported missing, but offensive comments linked to false allegations that Tripathi was a Boston Marathon bomber forced the page’s moderators to take it down.

Reported to have been struggling with depression, Tripathi was last seen on March 15, participating in such normal activities as spending time with friends and family. His last known activity was March 16, recorded walking down Brook Street in Providence.

Sudden building collapse kills over 100 factory workers

A building that housed garment factories near Savar, Bangladesh, collapsed Wednesday, killing at least 149 people after initial search of the wreckage. The sudden collapse of the building has left more people trapped under the rubble, according to an AP press report released Wednesday.

The search for survivors forced police and volunteers to sort through debris with their bare hands to assist as many trapped civilians as possible. Employees were given clearance to enter the building Wednesday morning from a factory manager, even though the building had developed large cracks.

Local police have filed cases of negligence against the owner of the building. Multiple company owners who operate from within the building have issued statements of apology to the victims and their families.

Authorities are working to find the cause of the sudden collapse as the search for survivors within the heap of rubble continues.

Fire breaks out on Alabama river, injures three

Exploding gas barges caused a fire on the Mobile River in Alabama on Wednesday night, injuring three, according to a CNN report. The natural gas barges were located by a dormant Carnival cruise ship.

The injuries of the three people have not yet been confirmed as severe, and it has not been disclosed whether the injuries were received from the initial gas barge explosion or the resulting fire. The cause of the blasts is also undetermined.

The three injured citizens are currently being treated at a a local hospital. and the Mobile Fire-Rescue Department reported via Twitter that the exploded barges and fire had been addressed.