Graduation Guide: K-Staters provide helpful tips on choosing perfect graduation gift


Graduation is getting close for a lot of K-Staters, and many families and friends are searching for the perfect gift to give to the graduating K-Stater. Should it be something to commemorate the time spent at K-State? Or something to prepare them for the next chapter of their life? The choices are endless.

“Any gift is always welcome, but a good tip to think about when purchasing a gift is to think on the practicality and use,” said Rodrigo Marin, an agricultural economics alumnus who graduated last fall.

Practicality and usefulness are keys to picking the perfect gift, as is knowing the student, said Rene Hernandez, sophomore in marketing.

“What helps me pick a gift for a graduating student is to know what is their major,” Hernadez said.

Allison Bosch, junior in marketing, enjoys giving more sentimental gifts for college graduation.

“Something meaningful that it doesn’t matter how much it cost to keep as a memory of their college experience,” Bosch said.

For people looking for K-State themed gifts or who plan to wait until they get to Manhattan to pick up a present, Varney’s Bookstore, the official bookstore of K-State, has many gift ideas. Graduation is a particularly busy time for the store, said Brittany Johnson, marketing coordinator for Varney’s.

More personalized gifts, such as class rings or plaques, can be ordered off of the store’s website at If this is the route family and friends choose, Johnson has some advice.

“If you are interested in those, order them as soon as possible,” Johnson said.

When looking for the perfect gift for a graduate, balance practicality and novelty, and perhaps a little personalization to find just what your graduate wants.