Orientation guide: How to get involved in intramural sports

Parker Robb | Collegian A K-State rugby player is tackled to the ground by an opposing Iowa State player during the two teams’ match April 6 at Old Stadium. Rugby is just one club sport that students, both men and women, can enjoy at K-State.

Many students get active in different sports during high school, some for fun and others for the competition. Going to college does not mean that students have to give up their athletic involvement, even if NCAA sports are not an option.

At K-State, there are many different intramural sports, including traditional sports like basketball, football, volleyball and softball. What makes intramurals so great, however, are the other, more unique sports such as Ultimate Frisbee, badminton and indoor soccer.

Calvin Schneider, sophomore in finance, said that he participates in intramurals because it gives him to chance to play, in college, the sports that he loved growing up, as well as the sports he had never played before.

“Intramurals are a great way to stay competitive and play a multitude of sports, some that you might not have had a chance to play in high school,” Schneider said.

If intramural sports are not serious or challenging enough, there are also opportunities available to participate in club sports.

Kelly McHugh, a member of the K-State women’s club soccer team and senior in mass communications, enjoys being able to play soccer at K-State while still focusing on her academics.

“I played Division II soccer my freshman year at Colorado Christian, but I transferred to focus on my academics,” McHugh said. “When I transferred, I wanted to continue playing, and I wanted something more than intramurals. Being on the club team allows me to play at a highly competitive level. A lot of the girls on the team are like me, having a lot of experience play. This was a great opportunity for me to play the sport that I love.”

Intramural and club sports provide students not only with the opportunity to play sports, but also with the opportunity to make money as referees.

Nathan Morse, senior in mathematics, said he enjoys refereeing, especially because the hours are flexible.

“It’s a great way to meet people. Working as an official is a flexible job,” Morse said. “You can work as much as you want, as little as you want. It’s a great way to keep your head in the game, especially if you played in high school. Finally, it definitely gives you a different perspective from an official’s point of view, rather than being a fan.”

To see a list of all of the club sports offered at K-State, visit k-state.edu/directories/orgs-sc.html.
For a list of all intramural sports offered, got to recservices.k-state.edu/intramurals/activitiesandevents.html.