OSAS helps students get involved


Want to start the year off right by building your resume with awesome leadership skills? One great way to do so is to get involved in student-run organizations.

The Office of Student Activities and Services is the place to start. Located on the ground floor of the Student Union, you will find your first source of information for various registered student groups on campus.

OSAS has literature to explain the full extent of each student organization, as well as a full staff to help guide you to the student group or groups just right for you. Some of these groups include sororities and fraternities, religious groups, or sports club organizations.

Bill Harlan, interim coordinator for student activities and services, suggests taking advantage of the many back to school activities that will be occurring in the next couple of weeks, including the Union Expo and Activities Carnival during the first week of classes on Aug. 29 at 6 p.m.. As of now, around 222 student groups are registered to participate in the carnival. The Activities Carnival provides an opportunity to meet with each organization one-on-one for informal introductions.

“Keep your eyes open because groups are always doing things here in the Union, outside in the Plaza.” Harlan said. “Department groups or things related to majors or academic departments are really good opportunities to get involved in something that is both fun and some social interaction but can also support your studies and help [you] meet some of the faculty and staff outside of the classroom.”

Connecting with your particular academic department could help you have a better experience in your particular major. Also, visiting with classmates and peers who share your interests can help keep you on top of your major’s events and opportunities. With about 480 different organizations to join, odds are you’ll find something that interest you.

But if not, you can always start your own organization through the OSAS. The simple process consists of filling out a couple of forms, having at least five student members and a faculty or staff member to participate and attending an orientation meeting held for all of the student groups. There is no cost and no waiting period.

The possibilities of becoming involved on campus are limitless.

If you don’t have time to visit the OSAS office or back to school Activities Carnival you can also visit their website where they have the full list of registered student organizations for you to explore. The site also includes an “Ask Wille” option that allows you to ask questions and provides any information you may need to know about getting involved.