Amazon raffle awards Kindle Fires, other prizes


K-State students may have hit the mother-load of free stuff this past week while being welcomed (back) onto campus. Between so many Week of Welcome events, giveaways, handouts and food, freebies seem to be the common trend, much to the delight and satisfaction of students and campus visitors.

Adding to the excitement this week was Amazon, who has had representatives manning a booth at Bosco Student Plaza since Aug. 26. They spent two days on campus giving away free drinks and free prizes like notebooks and sunglasses. On their last day, they raffled off prizes including four Kindle Fires, two sets of Rachel Ray cookware sets, a Cuisinart Bullet and two 8-piece Cuisinart container sets.

Kate Murphy, senior in pre-optometry, was the first to win one of the Kindle Fires, given away at 2:30 p.m.

“I hadn’t planned on coming, but a friend of mine was a student representative so we visited her,” Murphy said. “It’s crazy that I won. I was really surprised. I already have an eReader, so I might give the Kindle to my mom. Her birthday’s coming up, so that would be really cool.”

Part of the activity and Amazon’s presence on campus was the promotion of Amazon Student accounts. Representatives explained that students who sign up for Amazon Student accounts will receive a free Amazon Prime account for up to six months, which includes free two-day shipping on a wide variety of items. At the end of the six month period, the account turns into Amazon Prime at half of its normal cost, a discount of $40 a month. This deal lasts through the student’s time in college, or up to four years. Students who sign up will also receive deals and promotions exclusively for students and a limited time offer of a $10 credit whenever they refer a friend.

Some students attending the event thought the promotion was worthwhile enough to consider signing up.

“I might get an Amazon Student account,” said Timothy Folkins, junior in open-option. “I like how you can get books as soon as possible. Sometimes teachers will come out of nowhere asking for books, and I think this would be pretty convenient for me to use.”

Additionally, Amazon is currently running an Amazon Student College Cash $30,000 Sweepstakes which will award a grand prize consisting of $30,000. The winner will be selected from a random drawing on or about October 16.