Street fair featuring rides, karaoke draws many K-Staters, Manhattan residents

Jacob Riggs (left), sophomore in mechanical engineering, and Anthony Fink, freshman in hotel and restaurant management, battle it out in the jousting ring during the 17th Street Fair at Bosco Plaza on August 27. At the fair students enjoyed free food and an assortment of activities from bull riding to rock climbing.

Kicking off the second day of Week of Welcome events was the second-ever 17th Street fair. A collaborative effort of Housing and Dining Services, Student Life, the Association of Residence Halls, O.S.A.S. and the Union Program Council, the fair began at 5:30 p.m. with entertainment from Hawaiian dancers.

Housing and Dining Coordinator for Student Development Christina Hurtado was one of the leaders for the event, which brought over 25 different activity booths and rides to K-State.

“We put down an email for student groups, and we are supposed to have a total of about 100 volunteers total based on the number of shifts and hours,” Hurtado said.

The event was open to students from 5:30 to 8:30 and featured a number of attractions, from corn dogs and candy to a ferris wheel and magicians. The fair spread from 17th street into Bosco plaza and brought in a number of people from the community alongside K-Staters.

“I think there are a good range of students,” Hurtado said. “We ask our student staff and in the residence halls and the Jardine apartments to encourage students to come. I think there’s a mix of different ages, but you can also see there are also non-traditional students with their families and people from the community as well.”

One of the biggest attractions alongside the ferris wheel was the live band and karaoke located in the center of Bosco Plaza. Dominique Brookshire, senior in elementary education, and friend Eric Brown, a Manhattan resident, were two of the first to hit the stage when they sang a duet to “My Girl,” made famous by The Temptations.

“I am not a natural karaoke singer, but I want to do it again,” Brookshire said. Brookshire and Brown received a large round of applause for their performance.

Many of the students present at the fair had heard about it from friends and through emails.

“I heard about the carnival online,” said Patricia McEwen, freshman in animal science. “My favorite ride was the mechanical bull.”

Among the many rides, activities, beverages and foods offered to students, the locally owned Varsity Truck, which offered free mini donuts, was one of the most visited stands at the fair.

“I’m glad the students are having a good time, and that’s what we wanted,” Hurtado said, adding that she was grateful for the event’s success due to the large number of students who attended.