Activities Fair offers a wide variety of clubs


Students had the opportunity to see all the clubs at K-State last night at the Activities Fair. Around 245 clubs were packed in the ballroom and the courtyard.

“I think this definitely helps,” Hannah Hovis, junior in kinesiology and Office of Student Activities and Services employee, said. “It’s a hopping environment and that gets everyone comfortable to seeing all these faces at once.”

Organizations ranged from clubs relevant to majors to volunteer opportunities. Pre-Vet Club is one organization that helps students within the veterinary department prepare for continuing their veterinary education. Students who are active members within the club often have a higher chance of being accepted into the veterinary program.

“I got involved my freshman year,” Emily Pendergrass, senior in pre-veterinary medicine and president of the Pre-Vet club, said. “I knew it was something that I wanted to get involved in, so I could help future students get into vet school.”

Along with the academically focused organizations, some had more of a push towards volunteerism. One such is Kansas State Border Angels, an organization established in August 2012. The inspiration for bringing the nonprofit organization to campus started when Mayra Perez-Fajardo, junior in bakery science, went to San Diego over Thanksgiving break her freshman year to volunteer with the founding Border Angels. She, along with other students, gave water and clothes to immigrant workers. Upon returning Perez-Fajardo said she decided to set up a chapter at K-State to raise awareness about immigration.

“We mostly try to put out facts about the myths of immigration, so people can educate themselves,” Perez-Fajardo said. “We’re hoping for more members and to go back there and have people [whom] can experience it for themselves.”

Several special-interest groups were also represented in the fair, including the libertarian club, Young Americans for Liberty.

“We feel that we fit with both conservatives and liberals,” Jamie Michel, graduate in architecture said. “We believe in fiscal responsibility and lowering taxes, like conservatives do. We just might not agree on going to war. We think we should keep our military here to better defend us.”

While some students thrived amidst all the organizations, signing up for everything they could, some students said they found the fair overwhelming.

“There were just so many things to do and look at,” Brealyn Asbury, freshman in accounting, said.

However later in the evening Asbury decided to join the Black Student Union because, “It just looked like something I would interested in and like to do.”

Other students seemed to have liked the atmosphere of the fair.

“It was pretty awesome,” Nick Paperi, freshman in architecture said. “I like how you got different perspectives on what everyone’s doing here.”

In addition to the clubs, other activities were offered for students. Attendees enjoyed a balloon animal specialist, creating music videos and listening to the local band Catch-Amy.

“They’re a really outgoing group,” Abby Norman, senior in mechanical engineering, said. “They’re just so fun to listen to and they have a little bit of everything for everyone.”