Kansas band proves to be one of the greats


Several bands or artists that are reviewed for The Collegian have achieved a fairly solid level of fame and a good majority of them hail from regions outside the Midwest. I am proud to say that Kansas has some significant talent to bring to the table, as well.

For those who are unaware, there is a six-piece band from this great state that happens to be doing some pretty spectacular things right now. Quiet Corral, a Lawrence based band, released its debut album, “Ancestors” on Aug. 27. If you thought indie folk band The Civil Wars’ self-titled album was great, prepare yourself for a record to match it.

Quiet Corral first appeared in 2010 when it performed its first concert at The Jackpot Music Hall in Lawrence. Over time, the band steadily gained a devoted fan base on college campuses in the region and across the state. As momentum grew and the steadfastness of fans built, good fortune led to the release of a self-titled EP. Tracks such as “Thieves” show off the multi-faceted nature of their abilities.

On “Ancestors,” no two songs are the same. The group brings to the table a very unique sound — a sound difficult to find replicated by anybody and anywhere in the industry today. The band is extremely difficult to categorize, so sticking labels and classifications on them is absolutely unnecessary. Many of the songs sound like they would belong to one specific genre, then another track will come along and change that interpretation entirely. But no matter what the style, this record will have you listening on repeat.

The track “Shadows” is an impeccable start to the album. “City Steep,” which was released as a single, is the track from the album most likely to hit the charts. “Of Wolves and Wind” is my personal favorite — the sixth track of eleven on the album. The emotions of the song are evident in everything the song brings to the table. Plus, varying tempos keep the listener interested and the vocals tie everything together in charming fashion.

Every song has a new story to tell and tells each story in a new light. The soft harmonies supporting the lead vocals, the dynamic instrumentations and the strong structure of each track make the songs flow together smoothly, no matter how similar or different each may sound. The depth of each track is also astonishing — six people doing multiple things all at once can have a tremendous effect on complexity. Each instrument provides a different and unique element, working together to create the perfect storm.

Quiet Corral brings together aspects of country, folk and rock and it all works together so beautifully. The next time you find yourself driving through the prairies and plains, this should be your soundtrack — no exceptions. I find it hard to imagine a band more accurately portraying life in our state through lyrics and music. Simply put, “Ancestors” is Kansas.

There is not a single doubt in my mind that Quiet Corral is the “next big thing” to come out of Kansas. Words cannot speak to the level of success that awaits these young men and it’s difficult to find the words to justly describe how truly incredible this band sounds. With that being said, “Ancestors” deserves five out of five stars and is a must-listen for anybody. This new band out of Kansas has much to offer the music industry.