Novel, traditional events being offered on Family Day


In the spirit of tradition and the ongoing success of K-State’s Family Day, a new event has been adopted into the day’s already eventful agenda. According to Tom Roesler, College of Art and Sciences communications coordinator, a tailgate with the college was added at the beginning of this year so that students and their families could come to a natural setting and enjoy socializing before the game.

“[We’ll have] Cox Brothers BBQ, other kinds of food, fun and just a tailgate to get ready for kickoff with the Arts and Sciences family,” Roesler said.

The idea of the tailgate started when Roesler and others were thinking of ways to make an event easy to attend for the students of the college. Roesler knew that football was “kind of a big deal around here,” making the tailgate a natural fit for their event.

“We could have done something on campus, but we knew on game day everybody would be wanting to head out to Bill Snyder Family Stadium in the afternoon,” Roesler said. “Since [tailgating is] something we do every week now and students would be out there with their families already, we just figured it would be the perfect fit.”

The tailgate will start two hours prior to kick off today in Cat Town and students are advised to RSVP before then. However, Roesler said walk-ins are always welcome. The cost of attendance is $10 per person. There will also be an opportunity for parents to talk with College of Arts and Sciences’ Dean Peter Dorhout.

“We look forward to being able to build a sense of community among the college and Family Day is the perfect opportunity for students in the college to just come and have some fun before the game,” Roesler said.

Another event that is going on this Family Day is the Legacy Pinning at the K-State Alumni Center Ballroom. Check-in will begin at 9 a.m. with the actual ceremony starting shortly after, at 10 a.m. This is an opportunity for students who have alumni family members to be part of a “passing of the torch,” according to Cole Grieves, assistant coordinator of New Student Services.

“I’m looking forward to sharing and witnessing the traditions getting passed from one generation to the next,” Grieves said. “People are coming from all over and you can tell that they are pumped to be at K-State and you can really capture their excitement.”

This ceremony is not just for students with alumni in their family, but also for students who are first in their families to come here.

“We have a smaller group of the students who are the first to come here and we call them “K-Staters by choice,” Emily Lehning, director of New Student Services, said. “They aren’t alum, but they chose us specifically and we are their school now. We like honoring that as well.”

Families can expect casual dress, or “Purple Casual,” at the ceremony, where participants will recite an oath as a group and receive a special pin given to commemorate the day. A brunch and the opportunity for families to browse yearbooks or the Alumni Center will be offered prior to the ceremony.

“One of my favorite things to watch will be when families are flipping through old K-State yearbooks and they start showing off what their experience was like here,” Lehning said. “It’s always nice to hear the stories and it’s always a privilege to hear them.”