Players of the Game: K-State and Louisiana


Offensive Player of the Game: QB Daniel Sams

Sams rushed for a team-high 63 yards on eight attempts and was 1-2 passing for 27 yards, but his effect on the game was less related to his numbers and more about how the team looked with him on the field. After the game, Sams repeatedly said that K-State needed to find its killer instinct and put their foot on the pedal for the offense to be as effective as it can be. It looked like the pedal was to the metal with the ball in Sams’ hands Saturday night.

While Jake Waters controlled the offense well, especially in the first half, Sams looked electric with the ball, showing patience and quickness while refusing to go down on the first hit. Sams showed his ability to lead the offense to the end zone in a 65 yard fourth quarter drive. The 6-foot-2-inch sophomore from Slidell, La. rushed for 24 yards and threw for 27 yards on the drive that put K-State up 48-27.

Sams is seen by some as just a running quarterback, and so far he has shown that running is his best talent. However, he had some good words to say regarding him being the “running quarterback” and Waters being the “passing quarterback.”

“At the end of the day, everyone wants a winning quarterback,” Sams said.

Sams showed that he can be a winning quarterback for K-State, and that he can come in whenever and provide a spark. He made a huge impact on the game, especially when the offense was starting to become a little stagnant.

Defensive Player of the Game: DE Ryan Mueller

Mueller finished second on the team with eight tackles, including a monster sack in the second quarter that ended a Louisiana drive while keeping them out of field goal range.

Mueller is quickly becoming one of those players that seems to be in on every play, whether he is making a play right around the line-of-scrimmage or tracking a player down 10 or 15 yards back to make a stop. Wherever he is, the former walk-on has shown in the first two games of the season that he has a nose for the ball, is a force on the Wildcat defensive line, and a leader in the locker room.

The 6-foot-2-inch, 245-pound defensive end from Leawood, Kan. always threatens to make a big play on each down, and can impact the game in huge ways, as we saw against the Rajin’ Cajuns. He now leads the team with four tackles for a loss in two games, and is fourth on the team with 13 tackles, meaning that this was not the first good game from him, and it certainly will not be the last.

Special Teams Player of the Week: Tramaine Thompson

Last week, I did not give out a Special Teams Player of the Week. And while I might not every week, there is no doubt that Thompson earned some big time accolades for his performance.

Thomspon took a kick return 94 yards to the house to begin the second half and then returned a punt 79 yards on the next drive to the three yard line, allowing K-State to score an easy touchdown and put a quick 14 points on the scoreboard to begin the third quarter.

Thompson’s kick return caused many to cringe as he fielded the ball from the six yard line on the hash mark by the sideline, a spot where he would normally let it go out of bounds to give the Wildcats the ball on the 40. However, he decided to take it, and the rest is history as he made short work of finding the end zone.

I was yelling on the headset, ‘Let it go out of bounds! Let it go out of bounds,’ so that shows you what I know,” head coach Bill Snyder said jokingly after the game. “I am glad he did not let it go.”

Thompson, now in his senior year, has shown that he can be dazzling in the return game, taking a punt 89 yards for a touchdown last season and almost notching two touchdowns this weekend.

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