Upcoming fall fashions bring classic looks, previously seen trends


With the changing of seasons comes a change in fashion. The biggest headlining fashion week internationally is Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, which began Sept. 5 and runs to Sept. 12. Fashion week provides the groundwork for the upcoming fall fashions. Here are a few of the themes that have emerged from this year’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, as well as many other runways from New York City.

Classic Prints
Classic prints, like plaid similar to the pattern Burberry made popular many years ago, are back. Forget about the floral and kaleidoscope patterns from spring, because classic prints are back for both men and women. Whether it be a business professional suit in the office or a coat for when the weather gets colder, classic plaid patterns will be common in the upcoming seasons.

Emerald Green
According to a 2013 article from Glamour magazine, emerald green is the top color from fall fashion lines. This gemstone color is recommended to be paired with other gemstone colors such as amethyst, sapphire, garnet or cobalt. Whether it be as a tie, a pair of high heels or a waist belt, there are many ways to incorporate emerald into your wardrobe.

Another key trend surfacing from the fall 2013 runway shows is layering. BCBG designer Max Azria and his wife Lubov introduced this concept this year on the runway, bringing new concepts to one’s own wardrobe. Be wary of combining too many colors and patterns. Outfits should look as streamlined as possible, not like you got dressed in the dark.

Winter White
As seasons turn colder, people often grab darker colors. Don’t forget about the winter white articles of clothing or accessories in your wardrobe. It’s critical to remember that these white pieces can be used for all hours of the day. Whether it’s a white cocktail dress to go out to Aggieville, a tie or bow tie or a coat, white is a color that shouldn’t be overlooked as fall and winter roll in.

Military-inspired looks
Fort Riley soldiers may not like it, but there has been a strong military-inspired presence in the fall 2013 lines coming out of New York City. Khaki green is going to quickly become a staple in many people’s wardrobes. For many fall seasons now, military inspired fashions have continued to be a constant. There are many different ways to incorporate this style into your wardrobe, whether it be a pair of military boots or a khaki green coat. This look is coming once again for the fall season.

As much as people often complain that leather was left back in the ’90s, it continues to surface in the fall 2013 lines. According to an article from Harper’s Bazaar from fall 2013, leather is a way for people to look a little edgy, a little bit punk and a little bit tough. Seen from many different designers for these upcoming lines, there are simple ways to bring leather into your wardrobe. One could purchase a pair of leather boots, a waist belt or even bring a leather dress, pair of pants or jacket into one’s wardrobe.

American Pastoral
In a category dubbed “American Pastoral,” this style can already be seen on the K-State campus. This subcategory of style includes things like oversized knit sweaters, high boots, tweed and fur-trimmed outerwear. Even though this may seem like things nomads would wear, this is one of the easiest styles to incorporate into one’s wardrobe for both men and women. Once high fashion begins to file down the hierarchy to get to stores in Manhattan, knit sweaters and high boots made in Earth tones will be a common sight.

Gray Matters
Even though other dark colors are surfacing for the fall lines, gray is also an erupting trend. The hues between black and white offer a great mixture to one’s wardrobe. According to an Aug. 22 article in Elle Magazine, a charcoal coat, a gray business professional dress, a dark gray pleated or pencil skirt or light gray jeans are ways to incorporate this prominent color into your closet or dresser.

Fall fashions are consistent to previous years, yet offer great ways to spice up your wardrobe while also staying on budget. There are simple ways to add these features, styles and colors into your outfit choices this fall.