Moving Forward with Mobility and the Student Union


From the President’s Desk

Happy Monday, K-Staters!

It’s hard to believe it’s already the middle of September; suddenly “syllabus week” is a distant memory and we’re in the middle of another football season. Jake and I continue to work hard on a number of projects and we’re excited to share some news of our progress!

First, I’d like to mention the work we’ve been doing to make K-State’s campus more mobile-friendly. As you might remember, one of the key components of our campaign platform was to “Enhance Mobility” at K-State. Over the summer, I worked extensively through a series of one-on-one and group meetings with directors, system administrators, and deans across campus to discuss the possibility of equipping campus buildings with “mobile charging stations” like you may have seen in airports and other public locations. I’m happy to report that stations have now been installed on each floor of the K-State Student Union and Hale Library, the Leadership Studies Building, Justin Hall and Bluemont Hall – with more to come. Nowadays, students don’t just have a laptop or a cell phone – they have both, in addition to a tablet and a whole host of other mobile devices, all of which are needed to stay connected and complete academic work. It’s hard to complete that work if your devices aren’t charged.

When Jake and I decided to pursue a student government office, another mobility-related complaint we frequently heard from students was of the lack of reliable wireless coverage on campus. Again, the simple fact that it’s hard to succeed academically without internet connectivity resounded with Jake and I, and so we’ve worked over the summer to remedy the problem. We’re happy to announce that on the left side of your K-State Online homepage, there’s now a “Wi-Fi Error Reporting form” link, which you can click on to report areas on campus where wireless coverage is unreliable or downright nonexistent. The information you enter will be sent to the Facilities staff here at K-State, who will address the issue.

Finally, an update on the K-State Student Union renovation project is warranted: Last Tuesday, the five finalist architecture firms were on campus for their hour-long presentations and question-and-answer sessions, which were open to the student body and campus community. Thanks to all the students who turned out for one or more of the presentations, your input was helpful in our decision-making. At the end of the day, we decided to extend the offer to Workshop Architects, Inc. and Bowman Bowman Novick Inc., who will work together over the next year to provide program design services for the Union renovation. They stood out to me – and other students – because of their commitment to gathering student input in the design process. Stay tuned for meeting announcements, to be held in Town Hall of the School of Leadership Studies, and online surveys to share your opinion on the new Union!

Good luck with your upcoming tests and projects. The first round of midterms is right around the corner, and along with it, some very long-awaited fall weather. Get out and enjoy it if you can! As always, follow along with Jake and I throughout the week at “@SchooleyUnruh13” on Twitter and “K-State SGA” on Facebook.

See you around campus and go ‘Cats!

Eli Schooley

Student Body President