Get to know Vineyard, one of K-State’s newest alternative bands


It’s easy to say
that local band Vineyard is one of the most stable and successful relationships that’s
ever come out of Craig’s List.

alternative band with a wave of folk and country undertones is made up of five
students, three from K-State and two from Manhattan Christian College. Hunter Owen, sophomore in business, Diego Velasco, freshman in kinesiology, and Jeremy Cline, junior in business administration are all K-State students. Ryan O’Neill, junior in
counseling, and Tanner Bott senior in family counseling, are both from MCC.

The group was formed through a jam
session that was set up on Craig’s List.

“Well, Manhattan is a really hard music scene to get involved with,” O’Neill said. “It’s hard to meet other local musicians, so I decided to go online. I went to Craig’s List, and I posted an ad. Luckily, we had one guy not work out too well, but the rest of them stayed, and then we added Jeremy through Tanner and Hunter.”

Although they’ve only been official for slightly longer than two months, things are moving fast and getting serious for the talented young group of students.

“We started as a jam. I guess Ryan and Tanner had written some songs,” Owen said. “I just showed up and started playing, and then, about a week went by and we just decided that we’d stay and see what happened.”

The band that opened up for popular indie rock Christian group Cloverton on Sept. 15 at the Wareham Opera House has already come out with their debut EP “Other Girls.” “Other Girls” was recorded at Chapman Recording and Mastering in Lenexa, Kan. Vineyard isn’t the only popular act to record there. Chapman is also the recording home of rapper and band favorite, Tech N9ne.

The EP had a sudden change of tracking when Bott had an inspiration that led to the band’s most popular track to date.

“We had four songs [for the album]. We were ready to record [them], and then Tanner messaged me a voice memo of this riff,” O’Neill said. “Then, he goes, ‘Imagine these chords on top of it,’ and [we] played them, and it ended up becoming, ‘Sweet as Wine.’ It’s a really cool song that a lot of people enjoy. That song ended up being one of our most popular.”

The band played most of their EP at the Wareham show, and I was impressed with their passion, talent and obvious chemistry. They pull the audience in with melodic and thoughtful chords, using their soulful sound and relatable lyrics to entrance the audience and give them a 30 minute escape from a hectic world. They prove that it doesn’t take an entire village on stage to include elements like mandolin, banjo and violin; it just takes the right people.

Although the band members are as charming as they are gifted, don’t be fooled by their down to earth demeanor. This isn’t your friend’s garage band from high school. Vineyard is a band on the verge that could break out of the Manhattan music scene with the right amount of fan base and exposure that is sure to follow.

If you are interested in seeing Vineyard, their next show is at Aggiefest, Sept. 27 at Auntie Mae’s at 6 p.m.