Urban scores big with new album “Fuse”


“Fuse” Keith Urban’s newest album, was released last week in two different versions. The regular version is $10 and includes 13 songs, while the deluxe version is $5 more and features three more songs. The question is, which one should you purchase?

The first track on both is “Somewhere in My Car.” It’s about being lost in the rain while driving with nowhere to go. Even if you’re not a fan of country music in general, I recommend this song as a single. It’s a very good song to play while driving.

The next song is “Even the Stars Fall 4 U.” I want to hate this song because of the title, but it’s actually a nice little love song about star gazing. Unlike some contemporary love songs in other genres, it’s not a depressing song about lost love. This one is about being in love.

“Cop Car,” another love song, is slower than “Even the Stars.” The slower tempo fits since it’s from the point of view of a guy whose attitude is more or less “Yup, here are the cops.” It raises some questions about police procedure when people get arrested and are later let go.

And then there is the aforementioned song about lost love, “Shame.” More correctly, it’s a list of all the problems the person has. It’s not bad, but it’s not good.

“Good Thing,” on the other hand, as its title would suggest, is a good thing. It’s about dancing in a bar and starts off kicking. It’s another really good driving song, though you could also listen to it elsewhere. It lacks the specific mood and setting that “Somewhere in My Car” has, but it still translates well.

The next few songs are all love songs. In “We Were Us,” a duet with Miranda Lambert, the two seem to have some fun remembering the past. “Love’s Poster Child” contains a nice nod to the other songs on the album, while “She’s My 11” seems to sum up the album’s boy-gets-girl theme. Previous albums have been more boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy meets someone new. I like when albums tell stories because it makes the songs worth paying attention to.

“Come Back to Me” is an apology of a love song. The point of the song is that a girl found someone better, but the boy is trying to get her back by saying he is still there. Pass on this song.

“Red Camaro,” is a pop song. Ironically, even though it’s a song about a car itself, it isn’t necessarily a good one to play in a car. The song doesn’t really work if you don’t have a coke and red camaro to go along with it.

“Little Bit of Everything,” “Raise ‘Em Up” and “Heart Like Mine” finish off the album properly. Of the three, “Raise ‘Em Up” does a good job building up to the end. “Heart Like Mine” starts off on the wrong foot but does find a way to end the album on a good note.

The three extra songs on the deluxe album are “Black Leather Jacket,” “Gonna B Good” and “Lucky Charm.” “Black Leather Jacket” is about the high school tradition of a boy giving his girlfriend his letterman jacket. The 90s chorus of singing vowels really sells the nostalgia, but the best part of the song is one of the middle verses. Which leaves it to “Lucky Charm” to decide whether or not the extra songs are worth it. Unfortunately, it’s not. “Lucky Charm” is a generic country song seemingly only there to fill space.

So here are my scores. “Fuse” gets 4 out of 5 stars for having mostly good songs with only a few flops. “Fuse” deluxe edition gets 3 out of 5 stars for the extra $5 that only buys you one really good song, but two bad ones as well. In my opinion, I would recommend buying the regular album and simply downloading “Black Leather Jacket” by itself.