Working out doesn’t require leaving the comfort of your home


Manhattan offers some beautiful nature trails, The Natatorium promises laps of plenty and old Memorial Stadium will build your behind in no time. But the truth is, sometimes people just want to stay home and avoid the craziness of the outside world. Well, never fear. There are many effective home workouts that promise to help one get in shape without leaving the comfort of their living room.

When you’re looking for a little guidance from the experts, all you need is your laptop, some space and a burst of energy. These free websites will get you motivated to sweat while avoiding the crowds and the boring treadmill
at the gym.

It’s hard not to be at least a little curious about a site with a name like “Bodyrock.” The program begins with a basic fitness test to gauge one’s current fitness level. Then, participants dive right in to exercises called “The Greatness Workout,” “The Defeat Workout,” “The Best Muffin Top Workout” and “Naked Ambition.” This fiery and slightly scandalous site will have you working hard right alongside the impressive bodies of the instructors. After an intense session, cool down with some lifestyle and nutritional tips.

“Do Yoga With Me”

Your body on stress can cause problems like insomnia and weight gain. Combat the body blues by relieving some stress with one of the best exercises for stretching, flexibility and toning. Perfect the downward dog with the “Do Yoga With Me” website. It offers a gallery of poses with corresponding directions, daily guided meditations, breathing techniques and full-length instructional videos. With an easy to follow professional demeanor and soothing music, you may forget that doing yoga actually counts as a workout. Starting a regular yoga routine is uncomplicated and doable even for those of us who don’t bend like a cooked piece of spaghetti.

“Fitness Blender”

Created by a husband and wife personal training team, who believe fitness should be accessible for everyone, this site is seemingly designed for the easily bored. “Fitness Blender” is a rescue from any exercise rut one may currently be stuck in. The site enables you to create a custom workout tailored uniquely to you. Simply enter the training type you are looking for, including cardiovascular, strength training, toning, etc., difficulty level, the time you have to work out and the number of calories you would like to burn. With a multitude of workouts to choose from, you may actually find yourself looking forward to firing up your computer each and every day. Each featured workout includes the approximate calories burned, difficulty level, duration and body focus, including segments for legs, abs, arms and back.

Household Workouts

Worried about not being able to fit in a daily exercise regiment? Running short on time and can’t fit in an online workout? Never underestimate the power of your own body weight. Fancy equipment and body builder discipline are unnecessary when everyday tasks burn many calories. You may be surprised to know that you might already be doing your body a favor by completing these daily tasks.

All of the following counts of every day tasks are approximate to a 155 pound adult and may vary person to person. Climbing stairs burns an average of 352 calories per hour. Going back down those stairs burns another 211 calories in the same time period. According to the website, mowing the lawn can burn 387 calories if you’re using a push mower. Raking leaves can burn up to 200 calories per half hour, and cleaning around the house can burn more than 160 calories in the same amount of time.

So, whether it’s scheduling 30 minutes to an hour to exercise in the middle of your living room or bedroom, or just performing household tasks, there are always ways to burn a few extra calories.