One of Tulsa’s best rocks Manhattan


All About A Bubble is the result of what happens when a band faces its apocalypse and only the strong survive the aftermath. The band, that headlined to a packed Aggie Central Station on Saturday, formed when each of its member’s prior band fell apart.

“All four of us were with other bands, and we all played our last show together with those bands,” said Dustin Storm, All About A Bubble’s lead vocalist and guitar player. “For some reason or another, everybody broke up at the same time.”

Rising up from the ashes of the failed bands, All About a Bubble became the leader in the new age of the music scene in Tulsa, Okla. “Urban Tulsa Weekly” recognized the band’s with two awards in 2013: “Song of the Year” for the song “Matthew” and “Best Indie Rock Band.”

But they’re
just getting started.

The four performers came together with their combination of experience, style and concept, to create an American rock band that tore up the Aggie Central Station’s stage. The music flowed through their veins while they were playing, giving them a high that some other musicians have only achieved through other means.

Watching All About A Bubble gives the audience a trip that everyone should be jumping on to. The band members completely go for it, but with the grace of collaboration to form a greater sound rather than attempting to out do one another. Each note they play is in your face and impossible not to get lost in. By the end of the show, they leave everything they have on the stage.

A mix between the Killers and Manchester Orchestra, with the stage presence to match, the band’s music is a revival of the great pop rock genre and upcoming indie rock.

All About A Bubble is touring just after recording its sophomore album, and performed it for the first time live at Saturday’s show. To say that their stage show has progressed over the years is a bit of an understatement.

“Well, actually [at] our first show all the power went out during the second song, and we were playing an outdoor small town festival in Tulsa that happens every year,” Clinton Summer, bass player, said. “It was very low key. We were the only electronic full band there. They didn’t have enough electricity for our amp. So, it shut down twice through out the set. Out first show was a disaster. It’s nice to go back there and see how we’ve progressed. Next Saturday is our two year anniversary.”

All About A Bubble’s opening act, The Carney Encore, showed the audience what it means to be a great cover act. They stuck to a rock and pop punk genre, playing hits from The Cure like “Love Song” and even sneaking in some Jimmy Eat World. The Carney Encore, a local band, is looking to gain some spotlight.

“We’re a part of growing the scene,” Kyle Myers, lead vocalist of The Carney Encore, said. “We wanted to start a band that did something with music. Music that challenged people and isn’t just complacent, like, ‘Hey we play music, we hope you like it.’”