Smartphone apps targeted towards academics


Most students have smart phones and often use them for messaging and social media. Now, the Apple app store and Google Play Store offer millions of apps that can improve the quality of life for each and every student. Here are a few of the highest rating apps to check out.

Wolfram Alpha is the jack-of-all-trades. It is a computational knowledge engine, meaning it can find the answer to any problem after the user types it into the search bar. Search anything from an entire math problem to a life science question or a music compositional question, and a full answer including graphs and charts will appear. This search engine only costs $2.99, but it could save you many hours struggling over a particular homework question, no matter the subject matter of the problem.

Kno Textbooks is an education software company that students can purchase their textbooks on. The app offers many books at a reasonable price. One advantage is that all of one’s textbooks are all on one device, so students will not have to lug their heavy books around campus. They have thousands of books and the user can request textbooks they do not have. This app also opens PDF files so students can have all of their homework at their fingertips.

Evernote is a free note service that will let students keep track of all of their classes. People can do anything on it from snapping a picture of their syllabus, to syncing notes between one’s phone, iPad and computer. This is a great feature, because if your iPad or computer were to crash, then all of your notes are backed up on another device.

One app that I always find myself going back to is StudyBlue. This app has made studying really effective for me. You select your class from a “backpack” of classes that are on the app and then everybody who has ever uploaded their notes, flashcards, previous tests and quizzes are all available for you to access. This app has personally helped me with online quizzes, because there have been a lot of times where I found the exact same questions on StudyBlue flash cards from previous years, on a current exam or quiz. Another great feature of this app is that it allows you to share your flashcards with your current classmates and assist each other with homework.

College is all about getting an education and doing well in your classes, but it is also about living on your own. Luckily, technology geniuses have created apps to make living on your own in college even simpler.

Lemon Wallet is an app that helps any college student that misplaces their wallet. Lemon Wallet allows students to put their credit card balance on their phone, so one can use the app to check the balance of their account. Lemon Wallet stores pictures of each card in your wallet, which would be helpful if you were to misplace your wallet and needed to call and cancel your cards. It also includes pictures of receipts that you may need for expense reports.

For those who cook with their roommates, AnyList is the perfect app. On AnyList, people can create a grocery list that is shared to each mobile device between you and your roommates. People can put up a list of the groceries a household needs to cook dinner that week, and it will also help avoid the issue of buying doubles of the same items.

An app to help avoid weight gain in college is MyFitnessPal. It keeps track of calorie intake to help people stay away from high calorie snacks and meals. It also calculates body type so people know exactly how many calories to consume after a workout. The best part about this app is that it can tell people how many calories are in the meals that you would order at a restaurant, so you can avoid high calorie options.

If there is one app a college student should have, it is the Smile Alarm. For $2.99 this app gives students a fun, brain-refreshing game to solve when the alarm goes off that ensures students will not oversleep for early morning class. This app will make users do anything from a tic-tac-toe game, to a math problem, to a matching game. Not worrying about oversleeping and missing attendance points makes the $2.99 worth it.

These are just a small sampling of the tools students have at their fingertips for mere pocket change. For all of your student needs just remember, there’s an app for that.