Government speakers for panel event cancel due to shutdown


Yesterday, the panel discussion on government jobs for every major was unable to proceed as planned when representatives from state and federal agencies did not show. The goal of the event was to discuss opportunities within the government for students and how to apply for positions. K-State’s Career and Employment Services sponsored the discussion.

Dana Nordyke, assistant director of CES, said that over the past few days the panelists slowly dwindled down to a short list until none were available to attend the event. Each representative that was scheduled to speak from six different agencies cancelled.

It is likely that many were unable to attend because of the government shutdown and furloughed employees.

The entities did not give specific reasons for their cancellations, instead informing CES that they would no longer be able to attend the panel but to look to them to speak at future events.

“I am sad that this happened; we had a good crowd,” Nordyke said. “Potentially, we will have another government panel. It is unfortunate that our panelists could not be here to share information.”

The annual panel discussion generally draws a crowd of 50 to 80 students.

Looking to the future, students were told to watch the K-State CES website for a possible event reschedule.

“There was a lot of interest from students for a reschedule, so I hope we can bring a panel again soon,” Nordyke said.

It was also recommended that students reach out and contact or engage with government employees themselves.

Students were offered information about creating a government resume, as well as how to know the difference between traditional resumes and ones that will land a job within government agencies. Nordyke recommended that students check out for information on preparing for a career in government.