New residence hall and dining center to come to K-State

The current GM parking lot south of Goodnow will be the site of the new residence hall.

With the approval of the Kansas Board of Regents, the plans for a new residence hall and dining center to be built in the Kramer Complex are unfolding. The goal for the new facility, located in the parking lot west of Denison Avenue and east of Kramer Dining Center, is to be built and move-in ready by August 2015.

Derek Jackson, director of Housing and Dining Services, said the current plan is to take the 174 parking spots and create a 450-bed residence hall. According to Jackson, the $70 million project will not use student tuition money – only money generated through Housing and Dining Services.

“The goal is to take parking,” Jackson said. “There’s plenty of parking on campus.”

Jackson also said a transit system is being calculated into the future campus developments and was a factor regarding the parking situation.

“Most campuses that have grown to this size have a transit system,” Jackson said.

Although Jackson said he could not release the names of the contractors that K-State is in contact with, he did mention that negotiations are underway and said there will be exciting things announced in the near future.

“There are a lot of things to be uncovered in the next six months,” Jackson said. “This is a huge project. It will be very impactful on our community.”

Jackson said that Housing and Dining Services will continue to grow with K-State and the Manhattan community and that he is looking forward to the changes associated with the growth.

“There are more people living in Manhattan now than ever,” Jackson said.
“The desire is to take this space and use it continuously.”

T.J. Miller, sophomore in kinesiology and resident of Marlatt Hall, said that he thinks the new residence hall is good idea for K-State’s campus.

think it’s a good idea to add some more housing,” Miller said. “It’s
going to be a little hectic at first because of the parking situation
over here but in the long run it will be nice to have more people

Miller did voice concern over the looming hassle that he thought the parking at Kramer complex would likely become once construction begins.

“Once they have to tear apart our parking lot it’s going to crowd out the area a little bit,” Miller said.

Andy Thompson, residence life coordinator at Marlatt, said that he thinks the new residence hall is going to have a positive impact on the Kramer complex.

“I think it’s fantastic,” Thompson said. “I think when we weigh it out, people having some place to sleep and live is more important than having a place for their car to be parked.”

Thompson also said that it makes sense for K-State officials to choose the Kramer Complex for their new addition, as well as the renovations for both Marlatt and Goodnow Hall.

“I think Kramer complex makes a lot of sense because it has some opportunities for different academic partnerships,” Thompson said. “We need a new dining center over here. There’s a general excitement in the air.”