Flint Hills Human Rights Project announces call for artists


As art programs and services are continually on the chopping block when it comes to funding, there are some organizations who want to continue to promote their importance. One such organization is the Flint Hills Human Rights Project, a volunteer organization dedicated to serving the needs of LBGT and questioning persons, as well as their friends and allies.

The Flint Hills Human Rights Project has announced its call for artists for its holiday art show. The open call will be for all mediums from now until Oct. 28. The show’s purpose is to bring awareness to issues of human rights.

“I feel creativity is essential for all aspects of life, whether social, political, educational or spiritual,” said Lins, a Manhattan resident. “Art allows for an opportunity to have open dialogue. It also can be used as a platform for raising awareness or to bring people together to celebrate a common cause.”

There are two main goals of this show. The first, Lins said, is to illustrate the progression the LGBT community has made in the past year towards receiving equal rights, including marriage equality and federal marriage benefits. The second is to celebrate local, state and national artists who are interested in submitting their work into the winter show.

“The biggest thing about this event is that we use it as a focal point for our community, both the LGBT community and the Manhattan community at large,” said Mike Herman, Flint Hills Human Rights Project chair and professor of biology. “This event will be used to educate anyone who comes, as well as a general fun event. It will also be used, secondarily, as a fundraising event.”

A percentage of the art sold at the artist exhibition will go to the Flint Hills Human Rights Project Praxis Scholarship. The Praxis Scholarship is for undergraduate and graduate college students, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, who have demonstrated positive reaffirmation for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, intersex and questioning community through their service, art, academic research, activism or advocacy efforts.

Donations will also be suggested of those who attend the event. The funds raised will be put into the organization’s education fund to provide information to the K-State and Manhattan communities about issues relating to the LGBT community. The education fund will be used to provide speakers for the community, as well as other events.

“We were thinking of different fundraising ideas,” said Rumela Bhadra, research associate in biological and agricultural engineering. “We wanted to provide something new, as well as have a space for creative talents.”

The call for artists is for those who create using all mediums of art. Whether that medium be 3-D, print, audio, instillations, visual media or any other type, all will be considered on an equal review level. There is no submission fee.

From now until the end of the month, those interested in submitting their work can visit the Flint Hill Human Right’s website, fhhrp.com, or Facebook page for more information.

“For us, it is exciting,” Herman said. “As the chair of the organization, it’s wonderful when two members present an idea and really bring it to fruition. There were times when we didn’t know if this was going to happen or not, but we are extremely pleased that it will be happening.”