One more sculpture to be recognized


Dear Editor,
I found Lauren Komer’s article about campus sculpture in the Oct. 7 Collegian interesting, but incomplete.

I wrote such a campus art feature many years ago, and I still chuckle every time I show friends the untitled concrete and stainless steel work near the four-face clock and Holtz Hall. With three concrete forms, the artist Nick Zack cleverly created a pregnant woman resting on her side with her head propped up by a bent arm. Stand on the east side of the sculpture looking west. Notice her legs stretched toward the southeast?

On top of that, Zack fashioned the womb in such a shape with a stainless steel lining so that a student can fit inside – but only in a fetal position. During my years of reporting K-State news, I saw countless students curl up inside the oval shape to read – or nap like an unborn child.

Now Ms. Komer, you know the rest of the story about my favorite campus sculpture. For anyone else, try curling up inside the sculpture. I assure you it is quite comfortable, and you would be fulfilling the artist’s desire to become part of his creation.