Letter: Mumford’s Friday column inspirational, unconditional love essential


First of all, I wanted to give Miss Autumn Mumford a “rock on sister!” I was very excited to read her article in the Collegian. In our world today, finding a way to talk about our faith as Christians isn’t an easy task, due to the open criticism this invites.

If I may, I wanted to tell Autumn about why this article has meant so much to me personally as well. For me, this article has been a reminder of God’s power. Earlier this week I experienced a great deal of anger. Thankfully, God kept me wise and prevented me from lashing out by reminding me that it wouldn’t solve anything, and that I needed to calm down and figure out why I was mad.

It was an interesting time for me. I hardly ever get that angry, and when I do I know I need to pray and work it out. As I was reading some scriptures, God revealed an important thing to me. In Ephesians 4:26, God tells us it is okay to be angry, but not to sin in our anger. I have seen this verse many times, and it has always helped keep me from hurling hurtful words at people when I’m angry.

God has called us as Christians to love people, even when we’re angry. To not love someone is to sin, even if you’re angry and you feel that you have a right to not love that person right now. This was something that had never really occurred to me, at least to the extent that it now has.

Autumn, I wanted to thank you for your faith, as you have reminded me of this very experience. God has worked through you to bless me by reinforcing this idea of loving people, even when we’re angry with them. I cannot express how much this means to me. Thank you very much.