Rev Gusto, Vineyard pack Aggie Central Station


An energetic sound filled whatever open space was left in a packed Aggie Central Station Friday night. The large, captivated crowd was thanks to both a local band favorite, Vineyard, and Rev Gusto, a band that is quickly rising in popularity in their home base of Kansas City, Kan.

A band’s high caliber is very apparent when they are able to capture the attention of an entire room, and keep it until the very last note. Vineyard has just that affect on the crowd; the apparency of the fun the band has while it performs translates to not only the mood of the room, but the audience as well.

“I thought they were really good,” Clayton Williams, sophomore in business administration, said. “It was my first time listening to them, and I was really impressed. It’s like listening to a Jake Owen song, kind of country, but mostly rock.”

Vineyard consistently puts on a great show, which has a lot to do with the way they act off of the stage. Being down to earth, realistic and cohesive as a unit – i.e., being on the same page – keeps the band members moving forward.

“It’s kind of like painting by numbers and each person has a paintbrush,” Jeremy Cline, bass player, said. “You still want the overall product to look good, you just need to make sure everyone stays in the lines.”

Recording their EP, a completely booked October and practices that go into the early morning hours, have helped them progress to the point where nothing is out of reach. In their creative process, going to the next level means being completely exposed.

“Each of us has our own vulnerability,” Ryan O’Neill, lead vocalist, said. “We each release that in each other to the point where it’s like you can’t hide behind anything.”

Rev Gusto is looking forward to the future, and those who haven’t made it out to one of its shows yet are missing out on one of Manhattan’s best.

The group is quickly taking over the Kansas City, Kan. music scene with their indie-pop style and fun-loving vibe. This band brings a consistently upbeat and quality sound that seems to get the crowd up and dancing.

Rev Gusto’s show and songs have a catchy element that holds onto your ear for the entire set. The atmosphere is light and fun on stage, and with the audience. Their EP, “Rev Gusto,” is reminiscent of The Kinks with their groovy throwbacks and peppy beats.

“[We focus on] keeping it simple and making sure it’s groovy,” Shaun Crowley, guitar player, said. “I think it’s important to make something people just want to dance to.”

With a laid-back sound, the band isn’t geared towards the audience dropping everything and intently focusing on the stage. The music compliments the night and is pleasant without being overbearing or showy. Rev Gusto definitely isn’t on the stage for the rock star factor.

The crowd moved throughout the show, seemingly enjoying the mellow sound of the band. They let loose with the band’s musicians who just have fun doing what they love, no matter the venue or opportunity. They would be an excellent regular addition to the Manhattan scene.

Although their musical influences are more of The Ramones and Violent Femmes route, what they jam to in their free time may be surprising.

“We listen to a lot of hip-hop and a lot of different music in general,” Crowley said. “We all like Atmosphere and Frank Ocean right now.”

Keeping up with all styles of music has had an impact on the band, and all of their unique tastes as artists collaborated to form the impressive jam band they are today.

Whether they are in Kansas City or Manhattan, Rev Gusto is definitely worth checking out, especially when paired with a band like Vineyard. The two complimented one another well and hopefully Manhattan will host Rev Gusto again soon.