K-State students share Halloween costume ideas

Melea Stone, freshman in interior design, turns her imagination into a design on a pumpkin Friday night at the UPC After-Hours Fall Night at the Union.

It’s October. That means sooner rather than later, Halloween is going to sneak up on us. With that comes a few seasonal items including costumes, decorations, horror movies and candy.

A costume doesn’t need to be something you stress over. A few examples here show that simplicity is the way to go when dressing up.

Courtney Hall, sophomore in theater, said she wore a simple, yet effective costume on Halloween last year.

“Last year I was Juno,” Hall said. “I had the orange striped shirt with the sweater, the skirt and the pregnant belly. For the belly, I just rolled up a bed sheet.”

And there are many more cool costume ideas that do not take extraneous effort to put together.

Greg Papadelis, freshman in finance, used his pet dog as a prop in one of his favorite outfits.

“I went as Joe Dirt for Halloween during my junior year of high school,” Papadelis said. “I had the shorts, overalls and a blonde wig with the right haircut, but to really sell the costume I brought my dog along with me.”

Sydney Rathjen, freshman in animal sciences, said she had a spider costume as a kid that featured a neat little gimmick, making it one of her favorite Halloween costumes.

“My mom made me a spider costume with these really cool spider legs,” Rathjen said. “The legs were attached to my sleeves with string so when I moved one of my arms, the spider legs would move with me.”

Those who would rather not make their own costumes can buy one. Natalie Powell, freshman in animal sciences, did exactly that.

“This year, I’m going as Minnie Mouse,” Powell said. “When I saw it, I felt I had to buy it because of how good the costume looked.”

Once you have your costume, you face many possibilities of what to do in it. Powell is going to a haunted corn maze this Halloween. She also said she likes to trick or treat. Papadelis is going to a costume party. Hall is hosting her own costume party, though she said she is a dedicated trick-or-treater.

“I lived for three years in Alaska, which meant the best that you could do is get a coat, a cape and pop vampire teeth in your mouth because of the cold,” Hall said. “Here I still trick or treat. I believe in the cause.”

Costuming or parties might not be your thing, but there are many ways to enjoy Halloween.

Derek Surdez, senior in microbiology, said Halloween is his favorite time of the year because he enjoys the atmosphere.

“It’s fall, which means it’s cool outside, and it brings all the scary stories,” Surdez said. “I grew up watching the Disney channel Halloween specials. That and ‘Goosebumps.'”

Powell echoed that sentiment. She said Halloween is her favorite holiday.

“I’ve always loved anything scary,” Powell said. “That goes for horror movies. My favorite is ‘The Strangers.'”

Hall said she enjoys horror movies this time of year, as well.

“I enjoyed ‘The Conjuring,'” Hall said. “It got its job done. It wasn’t cliche, and it wasn’t one of those horror movies they’ve remade over and over again.”

However you want to enjoy your Halloween, you can take Papadelis’ advice.

“Halloween depends on your inner you,” Papadelis said. “And how you want to show that on Halloween. Fall brings midterms. Halloween is a good time to live it up.”

Patrick White is a senior in journalism and mass communications. Please send all comments to edge@kstatecollegian.com.