Local fitness club teaches members to sustain a healthy lifestyle


Healthy Fusion, a 24-hour fitness club and smoothie shop located at 1140 Westloop Plaza, is dedicated to educating people on the importance of daily health and how to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Healthy Fusion can be an enlightening experience for members and also provides a way to get fit.

Jake Lutjemeier, store owner and lifestyle coach, noted the benefits Healthy Fusion offers the community.

“It’s a positive atmosphere,” Lutjemeier said. “We coach people on how to live a healthy lifestyle.”

Healthy Fusion is a community-based company that offers different events to the public, such as free fit clubs and weekly challenges to help clients reach their goals. Zach McFall, a wellness coach and K-State alumnus with a degree in kinesiology, shared his knowledge on health and fitness and how it can be useful to any average person.

“If you have a passion for health, fitness or nutrition you can do it,” McFall said. “It’s not rocket science.”

Healthy Fusion offers their fit club to the public. These clubs consist of a thirty minute workout followed by a nutritional discussion for clients to expand their knowledge on a healthy lifestyle. Lutjemeier explained the importance of nutrition and how it plays a major role in a healthy lifestyle.

“Nutrition is 80 percent of your results,” Lutjemeier said. “And my job is to educate each individual on what they are supposed to do to get those results and maintain that healthy lifestyle.”

The challenge Healthy Fusion faces now is ensuring that the public becomes more aware of the programs they are offering and attracting more customers. Jessica Giannina, senior in entrepreneurship and Healthy Fusion member, said Healthy Fusion has helped her sustain a healthy lifestyle.

“Healthy Fusion makes it simple,” Giannina said. “They provide a quick workout and simple tips that can change your lifestyle habits immensely.”

According to the staff, Healthy Fusion is a lifestyle, not another workout plan. It is an easy way to stick to a plan that allows people to lose weight, feel better about themselves and gain the tools they need to start living a healthy lifestyle.