Art exhibit on campus features graduate students’ work


Students and community members have the opportunity to view the works of various art graduate students in the “Collective Input” Graduate Student Exhibition at K-State’s Mark A. Chapman Gallery located in Willard Hall.

Until Nov. 1, both traditional and contemporary art is displayed in the gallery, showing off student’s drawing, metalsmithing, jewelry making, painting, printmaking, sculpture, painting, ceramic and photography skills.

Annie Her, freshman in fine arts, said art shows are important because they are expressions of style and thought.

“It’s important to have exhibits because it shows the different ways [people] think about art,” Her said. “Art people and students who have taken art classes often show up to art shows supporting their local artists and developing knowledge to use in their own personal art.”

Her said she attends art shows to see what others perception of art is and how it varies from her own.

“I go to art shows personally to see people’s style and see what they think art is and how they come up with it and the media they use,” Her said.

Many artists undergo a lot of stress when participating in an art show; it can begin with whether or not their art will be accepted into the show, and making sure they have enough skills to be able to compete with the other artists. Most art exhibits require several pieces from each artist, placing a time cap on their creativity and a pressure to develop more ideas.

Orlando Petty, freshmen in electrical engineering, said he enjoys attending art shows because it showcases more than one artistic skill and provides recognition for their techniques.

“I like art shows because the artists are showing people their techniques,” Petty said. “Artists put on shows to offer more than one aspect of skills. I find them quite interesting, makes me see people in a different light.”

Currently, sculptures stand in the exhibit, and photos and drawings hang on the wall for all to view. Armando Rodriguez, freshman in electrical engineering, said the exhibit gives past art students, like herself, the opportunity to view art even though they no longer pursue it as a career.

“Art allows you [as an artist] to express yourself and art shows are a great way to see those,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez said she made the decision to major in engineering, leaving art as a hobby and career on the side. She said art shows open many doors for students to become recognized as a well-known artist.

“My work got recognized, and if I pursued art school I would have been able to get scholarships and possibly a full ride simply by showing my work,” Rodriguez said. “There are various reasons for hosting and participating in art shows, such as recognition, revenue or just for fun.”