New features of Pokemon X,Y make generation six the best generation


“Pokemon X” and “Pokemon Y” have brought a nice array of new features to the Pokemon franchise.

For those who have played before, the story is exactly what came before, traveling to eight gyms then battling the best to become champion.

In the latest additions, they don’t introduce a great number of new Pokemon, but that aspect is a strength of the game design.

One of the newest features are the graphics. Fans would remember that Pokemon has been entirely sprite based and the battles involve the picture of one’s monster versus the other players picture. That is over. New players and current fans would be delighted to know the entire game is fully 3D now. Instead of a tiny little miniature figures running around, the trainer avatar is a fully rendered person. There is also now no difference between battle graphics and world graphics.

The creaters even made the game pretty enough that the 3D feature of the Nintendo 3DS makes the game look twice as gorgeous with it on.

Other features are Super Training, Mega Evolutions and a new type of Pokemon.

Super Training is an add-on rather than the replacement of the old system of Stat Bonuses. This gets into the numbers side of the role playing game, but you had your normal stats and on top of those stat bonuses. They were based on how you trained your Pokemon. To get these points, it was a hassle. One had to look up all the information because it was not in the game.

Now, instead of having to go to the Internet, Super Training just lets you pick the stat you want to give a bonus to and has the player go through a soccer based mini-game to get it.

Mega Evolutions go along with why the game added less than 70 new Pokemon. Mega Evolutions are akin to going Super Saiyan, to borrow a reference from Dragon Ball Z. It is a in-battle, power up that changes the form of your Pokemon to make them stronger and cooler. All the mega evolutions are for Pokemon from previous games, which I think is a smart move.

It’s smart because it is a shout out to gamers who played the earlier versions who have come to see what cool power ups were given their favorite Pokemon. All of the Pokemon that get a mega evolution is a perennial fan favorite. It also shows how the game is designed to continue what “Pokemon Black 2” and “Pokemon White 2” were trying by integrating all Pokemon in one game.

In previous releases of Pokemon, the games had a dynamic of putting all the new Pokemon into one game and then later re-releasing an older version of the game with all of the older Pokemon with a few new ones mixed in. It happened twice, once on the Game Boy Advance when “Pokemon Ruby” and “Pokemon Sapphire” were released, then were followed by “Pokemon Fire Red” and “Pokemon Leaf Green,” then again on the DS.

“Pokemon X and Y” feature all 718 Pokemon. That brings a question of balance. The rarest fix to a Pokemon game is tweaking the rock-paper-scissors chain of the types. Last time it happened, because one of the types, Psychic, had a advantage of not having a weakness to the rest. Think of rock not being beaten by paper because paper didn’t exist. That was the first generation of Pokemon.

Generation 2 fixed that by introducing new types and Generation 6 fixes a new imbalance caused by all the Pokemon being together in one game, as well as most players using the most poplar types of Poekmon – Fighting, Dragon and Dark. The new type, Fairy, beats all of the those three, while losing to the two least popular, Poison and Steel.

In summary, there was a lot of work done on the mechanics of the game. It has made the game better to play, and what you are playing through is good except for the standard story. For the work done, I give the game 4 out of 5 stars and a strong recommendation for people to play one of the versions.