Bacon-Cats: Women’s basketball offers students tasty incentive to support squad


K-State women’s basketball is scheduled to officially kick off their season this Friday against Tennessee State. There was already buzz surrounding the young, talented team, but the K-State Athletics Department decided to take it a step further. The Wildcats will be giving away free bacon to students before the game with the hopes of luring fans to Bramlage Coliseum for the 5:45 tip-off.

According to a report by ESPN, K-State initially ordered 100 pounds of bacon, but due to the explosion of publicity on social media, the Athletic Department has been forced to triple the inventory. The 300 pounds of bacon will be served in “boats,” as described by K-State spokesman Randy Peterson. The huge load of fried, greasy pork is expected to feed roughly 750 students, and has brought priceless publicity to the women’s basketball program.

K-State is hoping to avoid a repeat of a fiasco that occurred in 2004, where a $1 hot dog promotion ended unfavorably after the concession stands ran out of hot dogs before half time. At three ounces per serving, as listed by the USDA, this shouldn’t be a concern, as the department will have enough meat on hand for 1,600 servings. At 85 grams of fat and 763 calories per serving, the program will be dishing out more than 100,000 grams of fat and about 1.2 million calories.

Senior in Agricultural Marketing, Brandon Terry is skeptical. He wonders whether the marketing gimmick will actually work.

“Bacon is so good. Maybe too good,” said Terry. “I wonder whether they will be able to meet the demand. I expect more than 750 students to show up for free bacon. We are college students. We will show up for anything free.”

Daniel O’Connell, junior in Agricultural Economics, thinks the bacon promotion is a great idea.

“I can’t wait to get to Bramlage,” O’Connell said. “I love basketball, and I love bacon. Does it get any better?”

The Wildcats have a revamped roster, with five freshman and three players returning from injury. The infusion of talent has brought excitement to a program that reached the NIT tournament last season. Every opener is special, but bacon could make this one unforgettable.