His & Hers: Gifts for women


With the holiday season fast approaching, many women are starting to put together a list of gifts they may want. Women tend to ask for a variety of different things depending on their age and interests.

Sheila Makovec, senior in marketing, said jewelry is a popular gift for women every year because it is often given by parents or someone who loves you.

“Jewelry is a nice and meaningful gift, whether it is a necklace, bracelet, earrings or rings,” Makovec said. “It is a gift from the heart that lasts forever and [will] always remind you of that person when you wear it.”

Allie Sanders, freshman in open option, said in her hometown any monogrammed gift has become very popular for women her age. Sanders also said jewelry, makeup, purses, shoes and perfume always make simple and easy gifts for friends or family.

Concert tickets are different but something I’ve received as a gift many times and always have loved to get,” Sanders said. “I get two, so I get to enjoy the company of whoever got them for me at the concerts.”

Many women also appreciate technology. Any of the recently released smartphones could make for good holiday gifts. Tablets could also make good gifts for women.

I am sure the iPhone 5s will be big,” Taylor Popp, junior in marketing, said. “And the new iPad and/or Windows tablets will be very popular this year. They are the brand new thing, and something people can bring to class so they don’t have to carry around their laptops.”

Clothes and shoes will also be a top gift for many women this year, along with gift cards to their favorite stores. Some women want to stay on top of the latest trends, and the holidays are a great time to ask for their top clothing pieces or gift cards.

“This year, I think boots and sweaters will be the big deal to girls,” Popp said. “It’s a cute trend and really comfy. Girls always love a new pair of jeans or cute top to go out in, too.”

Makovec agreed with Popp that clothing will be popular among women this holiday gift giving season.

A lot of girls like it when they get gift cards [to] Victoria’s Secret or Dillard’s,” Makovec said. “I like it, so I can just get what I want. I don’t like telling people what kind of clothes to get me.”

Other popular requests are practical gifts like decorations or appliances for the home or bedroom. Some women ask for practical articles of clothing, like business professional clothes.

“It kinda sucks that I am asking for business clothes,” Popp said. “The real world is coming at me too soon. I wish I could say I wanted toys like back in the good ol’ days.”

Some women tell their loved ones the exact gifts they want when they have one in mind. This tends to make it a lot easier for the person doing the shopping, and the person asking gets exactly what they want. A win-win for both people.

“One gift that I have had my eye on is this Coach satchel purse that is red, white and black,” Makovec said. “I really like it, so I told my fiance about it. I really hope he gets it for me.”

Sanders said the main thing women look for in a gift, however, is the meaning that was put into it from the person who gave it to them. Women want to feel appreciated, so it’s not necessarily the gift itself but how it makes them feel.

“At least for me personally, Christmas isn’t about the gifts, it’s about the meaning behind it all and to know that someone cares about you,” Sanders said.

This article was written as an assignment for a class in the A. Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communication.