Prevention of, resources for HIV, AIDS


One commonly known way to prevent HIV is to protect oneself while having any type of sexual activity. Men should wear condoms, whether they are engaging sexually with men or women. Women should wear or use dental dams to protect themselves if they perform cunnilings to men or women.

It is important for members of both sexes to use these protective measures in order to properly protect his or herself from any STD, including HIV or AIDS.

If you have already contracted HIV and need resources, the Junction City Teddy Bears might be able to help. The JCTB oversees the HIV/AIDS Client Emergency Fund that assists clients in Riley, Geary and Pottawattamie counties on a case by case basis.

These funds are administered to people living with HIV or AIDS who need emergency funds when all other funds and resources have been exhausted.

Kevin Stilley, secretary and treasurer for the JCTB and Manhattan resident who is HIV positive, said that often people with HIV or AIDS are unable to hold a job due to how HIV and AIDS affects the body. This impedes their ability to pay for the incredibly expensive medications HIV positive people need to take. The Emergency Fund is a completely confidential service; only the client’s case manager and the JCTB treasurer knows where the funds are administered.

The Emergency Fund was created and supplied solely through donations. One way to donate is through the JCTB’s annual Red Ribbon Revue. The show is hosted at the Xcalibur Club, located at 384 Grant Ave. in Junction City.

The Red Ribbon Revue is similar to an open mic night or talent show. It is a way for community members to show off their talent, no matter what that talent is. This year’s show will be hosted tomorrow at 10 p.m., following LGBT and Allies annual Red Ribbon Ball.

The Red Ribbon Ball will be hosted at Union Station on the ground floor of the K-State Student Union tomorrow from 6:30-8:30 p.m. This is a winter formal dance that will charge $5 for individuals and $8 for couples with all donations going to the Junction City Teddy Bears’ HIV/AIDS Client Emergency Fund.