‘Battlefield 4’ on Xbox One drastically improved over Xbox 360 version


There surrounds a different level of excitement for “Battlefield 4” on Xbox One than any other next generation, first-person shooter game.

Unlike most games that are developed bottom up in terms of platforms, developer DICE created their shooter for high-end PCs and had to work down for Xbox 360. Since Xbox One is comprised of mostly high-end PC architecture, the anticipation is that console gamers will finally get the full “Battlefield” experience.

With the Xbox One version out now, it’s clear that the anticipation has become a reality for those on Microsoft’s next-gen console.


What plagued “Battlefield 4” on Xbox 360 more than anything else was its atrocious texture problems. Textures would suddenly pop up right in front of you even if you weren’t moving. But if you were moving, you’d see bushes and rocks suddenly popping up out of nowhere.

Thankfully, next-gen solves this issue almost as if the game was designed for better technology. Not only do textures not pop in and out suddenly, they look drastically improved from the Xbox 360’s plastic look and feel.

Textures also benefit from the amount of visuals DICE can render in any map at any point in time. In multiplayer, you’ll quickly notice that several maps include new backdrops and areas that extend the battlefield. These additions aren’t merely there for substance, as they look incredible with a much improved lighting engine.


While the game controls and plays out just like its Xbox 360 counterpart, the Xbox One version ups the ante in terms of gameplay with 66-player multiplayer battles on Xbox LIVE. As I mentioned, DICE has added space to many of the multiplayer maps to accommodate the large amounts of players. You’ll notice more capture points, vehicles, destructible buildings and, as a result, more action.


The fact that “Battlefield 4” on Xbox One is such an improvement over Xbox 360 isn’t a surprise. This is the version that truly defines what the “Battlefield” franchise is all about with large, open-scaled battles in full high definition. It’s frantic, heart pounding, but most of all, pure fun that keeps you coming back for more.