‘FIFA 14’ on Xbox One shoots, scores on its Xbox 360 counterpart


It may come as a surprise to some when I say that “FIFA 14” is the most important launch title for the Xbox One. But, when one looks at the fact that the game is packaged in with the console in Europe, and factor in soccer’s rise in popularity in America, there’s not a more important title to kickoff Microsoft’s new generation of console gaming than “FIFA 14.”

“FIFA 14” isn’t a significant leap over its predecessor, but it is a polished version to an already fantastic game that captures the world’s most popular sport in its true beauty.


While “FIFA 14” won’t blow you away with spectacular visuals in the way that “Ryse: Son of Rome” will, the game has undergone some significant changes aesthetically.

The most noticeable change is its darker tone. The Xbox 360 version was bright and almost appeared “arcady” at times. On Xbox One, EA Sports has aimed for TV-like visuals that stress the difference between day and night with appropriate lighting.

The change in lighting also exemplifies the work EA Sports has done with pitch surfaces. Grass can now be distinguished as actual grass, rather than turf or even green-colored carpet.


Soccer is a unique sport – one fueled by support and passion. Fans come together to create tifosi, wave team-crested flags and yell blistering chants for 90 minutes every match.

“FIFA 14” on Xbox One captures this in its most fulfilling glory. The focus in the game is undoubtedly on the fans and players, rather than the latter that marked the Xbox 360 version. The additions generate a more authentic feel and sense of scope to a FIFA game like never before.

Game play

Finishing. It’s the most important asset to any soccer forward, and the only upgrade to game play in “FIFA 14” on Xbox One.

Players will get on the end of balls and finish with ferocious confidence, making for some fantastic world-class efforts. It’s a realistic addition that also adds more enjoyment to playing on the attacking end.

Final Verdict

It’s not a system seller by way of jaw-dropping visuals, but “FIFA 14” is becomes one by way of improved quality that paves the way for continued fun.

If you’re looking to upgrade from Xbox 360 to Xbox One, make sure “FIFA 14” is one of the first games in your next generation library.